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  • With a condom.
  • Practice beforehand with fingers, toys, etc, so you're prepared. Lube lube lube! And go slooooowly.
  • whats the best positions for anal and should you not go balls deep
  • Safest way is being prepared. As Altgirl said, lube, lube, lube, play around and stretch it first, and go slow. Relaxation for the recipient is absolutely key. so... trust relax lube play stretch more lube play some more lube slowly insert slowly out for more lube slowly back in It is important that you have a vocal partner to tell you when/if it is painful. If you do it right, there should be only minimal to no pain, and only at the very beginning, not well into it. As far as depth goes, only go as deep as she/he is able to take it without pain. Make it pleasurable for you both, and safety will come naturally.

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