• You won't have caused yourself any damage. But don't smoke anymore or you will.
  • You did virtually no damage to yourself. Your lungs will basically heal themselves. Damage comes from constant smoking. For example, if a heavy smoker quits, their lungs will get better to some extent. Smoking one cigarette on the other hand, is like walking though LA during rush hour.
  • Well, thank you! I was with my friends and she passed one to me i was like might as well try this once. So, I tried it. I have no intentions of ever smoking again. I'm active and I'm also a singer and want to be in the schools musicals! haha I just wanted to know if I screwed up with that one smoke. Thanks
  • Your decision not to smoke another, ever, is a wise one. Stick to it.
  • None, yet. Dont smoke anymore and it wont be an issue.
  • probably none as long as you dont smoke again

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