• Yes. No not really im just saying that to sound cool...
  • i know alot of people there are preps at my school that lie to be cool
  • i have a friend Andrew who is like that. He wants to be anything but him. He sees an actor in a magazine that looks good he cuts his hair like that and starts to dress like him. he also said he only ate Raw foods and was Vegan at a party to sound cool. He told me the truth about trying to be cool. Its really sad for him. He hates himself...he must
  • I'm a bit of a cynic I understand, but I believe that everyone is like that in a way.
  • My life is so uninteresting. You all know most of it already. So if I am in a bar with some drunk or someone I know I will never see again I have been known to tell people stuff. I have a dinosaur farm!!
  • nope, I am me, if you don't like me... Oh well.. But I do have friends who would to fit in.... I work too much to care if I am cool
  • There is always someone like that. At least one in every crowd. I like to think I am pretty intuitive and I can pick these buggers out. LOL
  • people lie for so many reasons, acceptance being one of them. and theres definitely an art to lying. some do it way better than others. at times it may even be necessary. everyone does it. but i think the best policy is to be honest to yourself and try to be as honest and open as possible about everything to others. yeah i have known quite a few people who have lied to be cool. the posers who lie a lot and about big things may either have a psychological problem, are insecure and afraid people wont like them for who they are, are scared of hurting someone, or don't want to face the consequences of getting caught for doing something "wrong". it takes time for some people to get used to living in their own skin. cut them some slack. but tell em to cut the crap.
  • Yeah, i would say me i always lie to be cool (That was a lie by the way)
  • ya, dated one i didnt realize he was a compulsive liar cant stand people like that
  • Of course. I teach adolescents.
  • lol, YES way to many people.. and it sucks because that is why he dosent have so many friends , people can tell when you are lieing especialy if you do it all the
  • I had a friend in high school (*sigh*...that's way back) who used to lie to anyone about everything, ans she actually believed her own lies. Needless to say, our friendship didn't last very long
  • Yes. Most of them just lie about what they are interested in and probe their friends for info about the other person and might google or wikipedia something. I know a few others that created some reallies, huge ones in my opinions. Pretty much second lives. A girl I know said her dad died in the Iraq War and about the amount of money her family brings in (supposedly they were rich), unfortunately she couldnt keep her lies straight and it caught up to her. We realized that she, and a few others, didnt have the homelifes they wished they they just lied about it.
  • I know a few and take them with a pinch of salt. Sometimes if they tell a huge one I'll go " Oh , leave it out " and it usually does the trick.
  • Sure some people have low self esteem and others just always want a big story to tell. I have definately known a few.
  • No you don't have to lie to make friends but the fact is that people tell little 'white' lies all day, every day, always have and always will. Human beings start to lie at about 3 years old - apparently it's thought to be a survival instinct. Add to that the fact that research shows, that if you place 2 adults in a room together and leave them alone, one will have told a lie to the other within 10 mins. Everybody does it to a greater or lesser degree and there's always the people who go way over the top with it. Anybody that says that they have not, at some point during their life, exaggerated or embellished the truth in front of their peers is being less than honest.
  • Unfortunately, I've known too many people like that over the years. I don't stay friends with liars...

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