• Yep. But parents get tired of running kids around all the time -- to soccer practice, recitals, friends houses. For my wife, it was nearly a full-time job when our girls were teens. She was much relieved when they got their own cars and licenses. She would have personally murdered any politician who tried to raise the driving age!
  • anyone with a weapon should get arrested . diving a vehicle can be mastered , but if reckless driving happens it should be considered as intend of homicide
  • The law argues that most of those weapons are things that can be used 'secret squirl-like' at school. Currently, vehicular homicide isn't nearly as common among teenagers as stabbings and shootings. Not that it makes it right, but the powers that be have to go by trends, not by what they think will happen. They don't have a choice. Along your line of questioning, though.. I find it very strange that a 18 year old can be given the power to control the future of this country. As was proven when obama was elected (over half of his constituents were under the age of 24).
  • you think thats ridiculous, how about the fact that that same 16 can be drafted into the military, given weapons and sent to kill people if the government feels the need for it. or the fact that an 18 can join the military but can't buy a beer. it's a sorry world.
  • Well here it is 17 to get a licence to drive but I get your point....I think though that we must take "intent" into account - teenage drivers do not go out with the intent to run someone over but what purpose can they have for a knife outside the kitchen!?
  • I find it riduiculous that I can be arrested for having sex in the middle of the street.
  • i think it depends on the driver, but you are right, a bad driver is just like a weapon.
  • You can't slip a two ton car under your shirt/
  • I don't see the relevance here? ;-)
  • I don't. 16 year old children can be arrested for possession of Vodka, but they are allowed to possess Dr. Pepper. Same relevance.

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