• they like abuse?
  • I try to get to all of mine and rate them as soon as I can. Maybe some just can't get back to them all very soon. I have noticed that they do get rated eventually. I have had some of my answers rated weeks or months later. I don't worry about it. I don't know if it was by the questioner or somebody else.
  • Some of them, don't like/agree with someone else, and refuse to give them points....Then there are those who don't believe in the point system...But some answers are just missed by the questioner.
  • MAny times for me, while going through my old questions I see a lot of answers which were not notified to me in my profile.. Maybe that can be a reason too for some people
  • Usually the ons that don't get any points means the person that asked doesn't care one thing about the answers. They are only after points for themselves, they are point farming every time they ask a question. Right now we've got so many of those out there and it's sad. Why should we spend so much time doing our best to answer well, even research for these people, when they don't care????? And then there is a different category of questioner, the one time or rare user who doesn't even know or think about the points. For instance, I answer rabbit questions all the time, usually from someone who came by for an answer once. They rarely comment or give points. I've got hundreds of those questions go without points. I've probably got 6,000 answers without points out of 30,000. I guess as long as people get helped, that's all I can hope for in these cases. But as to Point Farmers? They are worse than trolls because they hie among us.
  • I don't know but I do try to rate all that answer rather I like the answer or not. just as long as it answers my question and isn't rude. I need to go through my old questions and make sure I have not missed anyone. I do wish if I have not rated someone they bring it to my attention. I would not mind rating them if I have not done so.
  • I try to rate all of mine, I appreciate people taking the time to respond to my question, I know there are way more interesting q's to answer so I always try and give them a +
  • A fine question to be certain. I believe there might be several reasons. Take me for example, I will admit to some degree of human favoritism. I'm not proud of this, but I have given people I admire and respect points for answers that fall short of giving the best possible and most clear and concise answers. This is often due to my thinking they have brought worthwhile things to the table that have gone unsung elsewhere. But more often than not a truly well written answer, clear and concise, with a strong yet rational viewpoint will often make me want to rank the answer over those of respected friends and colleagues here. That being said, I often sit down and get a bit inspired here and then life drags me away for longer than expected and the answers I receive get unrecognized by me immediately understandably. Yet even when I do get back to it id I see nothing of substance in reply I deem worthy it is my prerogative to not uprate it, and generally I rarely feel inclined to downrate unless I find the attempt offensive or repulsive. I'm only one of the community, we are all expected to be a part of the pointing process, depending on our ranks and our ability to rationalize the most noteworthy answers(as well as questions) Not everyone can be everywhere at once but if we don't ALL try to give input on as much as we see individually the process breaks down and thoughts people share end up unnoticed.
  • There is a surprising number of ABers that have a 0% + rating given, even after asking 60-100 questions. I think Galeanda is right, they are just point-farmers. I've gotten to where I always check that percentage before I answer a question and if there are ABers that have answered the question, I rate them because I know it's the only rating they may get.
  • Here is why...I ask a question and receive some answers immediately..I respond. Days, weeks, months go by..the question pops up again as "new" and I click on and answer it. Now, unless I go through the entire list of respondents, I cannot know if there were others who also answered that question. Unless each person who answers shows up as "new", you have to laboriously scroll each thread from beginning to end..sometimes there are many many respondents..65, 84, cannot know where the new respondents you go through each answer. I don't always do that. Then a Newbie will resurrect the question, I will respond, and then go through the entire thread and it is then and only then that I am able to catch up on that particular question. In addition, we only have 5 pages to review..what happens to those respondents who are not on the first 5 pages? :)
  • Sometimes it is because people do not get notification of the answers. Certainly before we had the lights it was more difficult to keep up. Other times maybe the person has left and people still answer their questions Sometimes people just do not bother. And the worst one is that some people just ask the question for points they do not care at all how many people spend time trying to help or answer and never have any intention of reading or rating the answers.
  • I try to rate them all. But I'm not an everyday visitor here. So I would rate them whenever I get some time

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