• i'm 24 yrs older than my g/f...nothing wrong with it, once it's legal for the people you are chatting with...
  • It's not that it's bad, maybe the addiction is, but the conversation isn't. If there is nothing coming out of it, you should be ok. I would never meet, or share any information about myself on those sites though. For curiosity- what are the sites?
  • So this is Chris Hansen's new tactic?
  • If it's a dependence to the online world it could be bad, using human contact online as a substitute for real human contact isn't the best idea. But I won't go and assume things, maybe it's just something new and fun for you. Just be careful, and don't give out phone numbers or addresses.
  • Wow! Be careful! If they know you are 15 and they are still chatting then chances are they want something more than a good conversation. Just don't ever let any of them talk you into meeting in real life. Don't give out ANY personal info! Oh, and I would talk to a counselor about the addiction thing too.
  • Your crazy!! But if thats wat u wanna do feel free! Sad to say but be safe I know if u were my little sis I would kick yo ass! Lol But I understand I use to chat with older women when I was 15 and 16 just be safe!! Dont give any personal info! Hopefully this is just a phase for you!!
  • Internet and chat room addiction is real and can be a problem. If the amount of time you spend on it interferes with the rest of your life, you should seek counseling and help. If you pursue men that much older than you in real life too, then there could be legal problems for him and you if you hook up. Be careful and let's hope you don't hook up with that 40 year old pervert with bad intentions. :)
  • You've got to ask yourself why you need all this attention from older men. Where's your father? Are both your parents in your life? Do you get enough validation from them?
  • Turn the computer off, go outside and start interacting with people your own age. Your going to end up getting yourself in a very bad situation if you don't.
  • It is nor illegal to CHAT... What's illegal (I believe) is to pass nude pictures of each other back and forth or talk sexually - meaning cyber-sex (only because of YOUR age.) It would also be illegal for them to MEET you for sex. As for the obsession, you need to talk to someone professional about it, if you can't handle it yourself. You should also mention it to your parents. Maybe they can BLOCK the chatrooms at home. But then YOU would have to control yourself at school and the library. Seek professional help. You apparently have a type of addictive personality, and you don't want to exchange one addiction for another.
  • Could it be that you're addicted to the things these guys say. Older men are much more practiced at flirting and saying just the right things to hopefully make a naive person respond to them. If you don't have much affection, warmth or nurturing in your young life, then I can imagine how good it feels to have guys complimenting you and telling you how wonderful you are especially if you're not getting it anywhere else. Boys your own age are not this smooth, usually. These guys are just playing a game with you to manipulate you into doing what THEY want. It's not about you at all; it's truly about them. Forewarned is forearmed, and now you know the territory. Hopefully you won't feel so drawn to them.
  • >>Am I crazy?? Nah, just horny. Don't worry, it's normal at your age. It's also a turn-on to flirt with danger, so that's part of it. Guys pick up on the pheromones you're leaving in the chatrooms, and they'll come sniffing at your door. This is where it can get weird, not just for you, but for an older guy. There's a good chance that your parents won't believe that you got creepy crawlies from a toilet seat. And some guys don't volunteer to use protection. Are you brave enough to insist on it? It's a lot easier to maintain control with a guy your own age. Chances are very good that an older guy who gets personal with you will end up doing time in the Graybar Hotel for messing with jailbait. (That's you.) When you say, "nothing usually ever comes of it," what are you hinting? That sometimes something _DID_ come of it? Try to think clearly while you still can. Talk to a friend. Get control of your life.
  • Are you a boy or a girl? Do they know how old you are? Are they 'naughty' chats? If not, what are you chatting about? I ask this, because most 32-45 year old men wouldn't chat to a 15 year old online. They wouldn't! If it's innocent then great. Lucky you, it can be great to talk with adults - you're talking to a man in his 30's right now - but if it's a little sordid it's no good for you - boy or girl. Don't give any details about yourself to them. Don't ever arrange to meet any of them. Okay?
  • >>meeting people online is the only way i can be who i am, and not feel criticized for it. Not quite true, since some of us are criticizing you right here. :) You've explained a lot about yourself and it's apparent that some of us (including me) have misjudged you. Sorry about that. :( I'm not a therapist but I've been a patient of several over the years. Depression is a killer. If the therapist you're seeing (?) isn't helping, tell her so and ask about switching to a new therapist. No matter how effective a therapist may be with other clients, he/she may not work for you. And no therapist can read your mind. When you find one you're comfortable with, counseling can change your life for the better. Also consider an antidepressant. It can take some experimenting (working with your doctor) to find one that works for you. Give it a whirl. Good luck. Go for a long walk every day. ~Dr. Z (not a real dr, but I've stayed at a Holiday Inn once or twice) :)
  • i know what its like to be shy, trust me. thousands of teenagers feel rejected throughout their teen years...i know i did. I found comfort in writing and reading and playing games. Talking to people online can also be fun and interesting, but that last thing you want is some perverted old man asking you what you are wearing. There are a lot of creeps out there looking for younger girls on the internet...sounds like you know when to back off though. Just be careful.
  • I go to too. They are not always men ages 25-40 on those sites. It could be a 12 year old guy on those sites. You're not crazy. I do that sometime too. People can be addicted to anything. There's nothing wrong with an addictions, as long as its a good addiction. If you want to get rid of your addiction, then don't come back to the chat rooms. Shut down your computer and walk away. Unplug your computer. Then find another hobby to do for fun.
  • a girl being 15 talking to older men is not a good thing to get into it may seem very harmless like there not gonna do anything how can they find me or thats never going to happen to me thats what most girls think but its a bad habit getting in to something like that. if u dont want to stay addicted i would give you the advice to talk to people your own age. i knew a girl who had this problem she was just like you didnt tell anything personal to these males and they ended up stalking and rapeing her there is not much more i can tell rather stoping this now before its too late! I AM 15 i know what its like
  • you're not crazy, your dangerous and you know better. What kind of freak 30 yr old wants to talk to a 15 yr old??? Do you see that something is wrong with them???? Would your mom or dad want to talk with a 15 yr old??? No. Only a weirdo chats with kids 20 yrs their junior. Normal adults want to have normal conversations with other adults.
  • adolescence is not just a humans only thing (female skunks can die if they do not get pregnant), but it is a societal thing. it is not jewish tredition to become an adult at age 13 to build their self esteeme. king tut ruled all of egypt before he was 10. until modern culture people were considered adults roughly around puberty. our educational needs evolve pushing back adulthood every generation, but it takes millenia for biology to evolve to fit (medecine and the warning lable have all but eliminated natural selection and as such evolution.) not to mention the theories that chemicals and hormones in modern food are accelerating puberty. you have adult needs. As long as it never gets naughty it is fine and can be very beneficial. just like here, adults in chat rooms can have helpful things to say. if they do not try to talk you out of running away when the subject comes up you need to end contact with that person. my little sister has been morbidly obese her whole life and was shy but she was meeting adults by your age. now at age 23 she is a crackwhore. she lost her daughter (who after testing 13 men still never found the father) you do not want to follow her path. I firmly believe your shyness will reduce when your weight does. you need to exersize, preferably by swimming and biking because they will protect your joints. also eating better. I am a total carnevore who has learned to eat better and still enjoy it, if you want I can help you with this.
  • Hey im 35 and i don't mind talking to younger girls, its kinda cool hearing about the same things that i went through. and it gives me the chance to explain how i handled it. and then again maybe a way i could have handled it. plus you learn the thinking pattern of todays generation and their outlook on what expect out of life. kind of educational in way with harmless fun conversation. as long as you are on the same lines as me for those reasons, i dont find it a bad thing. Plus i find my personality leads me to a variety of people and different levels of conversations. Ive been through alot and have alot to talk about and relate to. nothing bad, just alot of memorable experiences worht mentioning and holding a conversation to. Again, i wouldnt shy away from talking to older guys but just use caution and be careful. Some have other intentions b ut definetely not all.
  • i know what ur going through i went through it u just need to restrict urself
  • i can't see the problem. if you like that much it just do it until you are satisfied and naturally stop.
  • Go get help from your parents or you are headed for trouble. Tell them the truth and do not let this go any farther. They will get you professional help. Please do this. If you do anything else for yourself in life do this, get help.
  • Your on a bad road get off it.
  • Hey. Look I am 18 and I went through the same thing that you did. Yahoo chat rooms,, even But you know what it made me realize there are a lot of crazy people out there. The main thing is that just don't do anything stupid like a one-night stand with a person you met on the internet. and that's speaking from experience.
  • get off the computer and find something else maybe sports or music or art just get out and have fun
  • We all did stuff at that age that we knew we weren't supposed to. There's a thrill factor that teens just love. I don't see any harm in what you're doing as long as you're not serious about any kinds of romantic relationships and you don't go around giving out personal info. Just make sure not to go to far and it's fine. Play if you want, just play smart.

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