• Reflect back on what made him that way. Is your life stable? Have you spoiled him? Those are two big factors. I've seen this happen a lot. Get harsher on your punishments. If that doesn't work, find a behavioral center and send him there for a few months.
  • Or you can jus whoop his ass!! Im 21 yrs old, Mature young man and I appreciate every ass whoopin I got when I was younger respect is demanded by any means neccessary!! You can talk to him while you whooping his ass!!
  • First of all stop this silly punishment thing,please!that is the last thing that your son needs, he will become more aggressive from that, he must learn where the borders are between good behaviour and wrong behaviour, he is nine years old and that means that it could be that something is happening in school, check on it with the school!find out what has gone wrong in his life, you can still save him, please watch where he goes and with who he should be at home for eight o`clock in the evening, in the summer months,seven o`clock in the winter months, he sits at the table to eat with the family, be strong and bring on your side, he loves you and you love him and this love will give you the strength that you need
  • Have you beat his ass? Sometimes it works! Or we can reflect on stability, or maybe he's spoiled, or maybe he needs to go to a behavioral center or maybe he just needs his ass beat to show him that you will not tolerate him being disrespectful!
  • Just be certain he's not acting out with others or disrupting school. As to the next 9 years or so... good luck.
  • Next time remove EVERYTHING from your son's room. Leave nothing but the bare walls and floor, no furniture, nothing!. Not even a blanket or pillow. (he sleeps on the floor) Nothing in his closet. No computers, no toys, no clothes except those on his back. ( have him wash them by hand daily) No TV in the rest of the house is he allowed to watch or computers to use. Nothing! Give him one plate of food to eat once or twice each day. Then inform him he has to earn his things back one by one. As he accomplishes his chores, homework from school, etc. give him one item at a time back such as maybe a mattress or a blanket. with time he will learn the value of not only minding but also of doing his homework and helping keep the house clean and washing dishes. He will learn responsibility. Yes this is extreme and it is a chore for you as parents to carry this out but in the long run it will work. It has in the past.

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