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  • Throw it away and cut contacts with the people you get it from.
  • ( Step One - Plan How You Want Things To Be Once You Have Quit When you decide to quit smoking marijuana, you are committing to changing a habitual behavior. When you do this, you have to make absolutely clear in your mind, what exactly is the change that you want to make. You must decide what do you really want, and then figure out what exactly is preventing you from quitting pot right now. Up until now, what has prevented you from quitting. Write it down so that it is crystal clear in your mind. This will force you to think about how things will be once you have quit for good and consider what you must do in order to change. Step Two - Motivate Yourself To Quit Marijuana The first thing you need to quit cannabis permanently is to get to the point where you MUST change no matter what. To get to this place you need to consider some of the negative aspects of smoking marijuana as well as considering some of the benefits you will enjoy once you have quit. For this step you need to write down exactly what the side affects have been in your life. Write down exactly what you have been missing out on as a result of your pot habit. Then write down what type of pain it will case you in the future if you do not take action and quit weed. Finally write down at least three reasons why changing your habits and quitting pot for good will also change you life for the better. Make it clear what benefits you will enjoy in every area of your life. This way you are motivated to break the cycle. Step Three - Break The Cycle The habit of smoking cannabis forms a strong cycle that reinforces itself every time you use the substance. To break this cycle it is critical that you do something out of the ordinary such as exercise, taking a bath, or talking with a friend that has already quit marijuana. Even things that are weird, unexpected or outrageous can help. Watching comedy movies can change you mood as well as engaging in a favorite hobby. The more things you have to do as a replacement of your old behaviors the more effective you journey to quit pot will. Make a list of five to ten things you can do instead of weed and pick the top three and use them regularly. Breaking the cycle and creating an empowering alternative is crucial and cannot be stressed enough. Step Four - Replace Your Old Habit With New Behavior Eventually when you become successful and quit marijuana for good, you will need to do something else with all the time you free up. What are some of the things you will engage in instead of weed to change your emotional state. Typically you want to do something that you can do anywhere any time. Some people find deep breathing exercises help, other find stretching or listening to music to be beneficial. You will need to make a list of these alternatives, write them down and use them. Once you have done this, all you need to do is to reinforce the new habit you have formed. Step Five - Reinforce And Practice The New Positive Behavior To quit pot for good, you need to condition your mind to avoid anything that would trigger a relapse. To avoid falling back into the same old routine, it is very important to practise and condition your new alternative behaviors to the point where it is absolutely natural and automatic. Every time you reinforce the new pattern, you strengthen and condition your mind to be under your control. Eventually it becomes so regular that your new behavior becomes the dominant behavior in your life and you are free from weed permanently. You will find that you are able to carry on with life as if you never had an addiction at all. Step Six - Test Yourself And Enjoy Your New Capability When you have completed this process and you want to be sure that your changes will stick, go out and test your new self. You could imagine yourself in the future where you are in that situation again when you would have normally smoked in the past, but see yourself free from cannabis dependence at last. Perhaps you might go visit some of your old friend that you used to spend time with before you quit marijuana and experience your new found ability to overcome addiction. This way you can experience the positive consequences of your decision to quit cannabis.
  • i smoke about $400 worth of weed a week , which is equivalent to about 4oz. dats alot!, actually its breaks down to 6-8 joints a day. i went cold turkey for 3 dys, how long will it take for this marijuana to come out my system. by the way i've been at it since last year october everyday till 3days ago.
  • I have had about a $50/day habit of good kind for more than 10 years until last week, so it's been about a week now. Just don't smoke if you truely want to quit. I really just crave being fucked up, and I don't know why. I guess it helps to forget about everything bad in your life or something. I just realized that I probably shouldn't drink either (not that I drink that much anyway) because it will only make me wanna get fucked up. I usually bought a pound at a time just to smoke myself, so that's probably a little more than most people can even imagine. I even grew and sold just to support my own habit. If I can quit, I'm sure you can manage as well. Now if I can only figure out how to quit smoking cigarettes.
  • well, its not addictive i think, so its probably easyish. i dont know i just do it sometimes.
  • cold turkey for a while quit hangin with friends that do it
  • well if your getting 4 ounces for 400 then its probably shitty midds or sumtin. try picking up smaller sacks of better weed like kind bud or headies. so then you would need to smoke less to get the effect. then after you smoke less maybe youd be able to smoke less and less. btw i feel you i smoke weed alot ive thought about quitting but then what would i do with my friends? watch them smoke a fat blunt of sour diesel then make them food. fuk that i wanna get high
  • Here's a site that answered some of my questions:

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