• You must first realize how much strong will you boyfriend is. If he has the personality trait where he can be opinionated even if the gernal consenous disagrees then you should feel more confident that your boyfriend will not be influnced by his other two roommates. Secondly, its always healthy to talk about stressful issues with your significant other. Of course you don't want to do it every single hour of every single day, but if you talk about it ever so often then the both of you can ease up a little.
  • YES. But it doesnt matter. You have to trust him and hold him guilty when he is guilty. Dont push him away with speculation. Give him enough rope to hang himself and when he does, you have every reason to walk away and kill him with kindness. No matter what happens, be a good person and handle the situation like an adult. His roommates are just that, roommates. I answered your question yes because a person is more likely to do something wrong with liquid courage and coersion or peer preasure or persuasion, take your pick. When we do things alone, its a lot harder to do the wrong thing. If you dont think so, think of when you or some friends have wanted to flash someone or whatever. Let him have his normal space, make sure that you are treated right, treat him right, dont question his every move, and let him mess up, IF, IF, IF he is gonna mess up...then do what is right the right way, and let him mess up on his own with out your assistance or coersion.
  • Well, you know what they say, "You're known by the company you keep." The answer is most likely a resounding YES! The best advice to give you is to tell your boyfriend that you're against cheating and that if he ever cheats on you, then he's your next ex-boyfriend because committed, monogamous, normally-functioning couples do NOT cheat on each other. I hope this helps!
  • You can't completely judge his character by the company he keeps (especially if these are roommates he was pitted with at random) although if you feel these are the kind of people he would normally get along with and keep as company, then yes it's highly likely they could influence him. The first thing I would do is determine whether or not his roomates are the type of company he likes to keep. People who are good friends are so generally because of having so much in common, on many levels. Including morals about dating. In the end, as been said previously, you cannot assume he is guilty from this alone, but the best thing to do if you need to know, is just talk to him about it. Although he may act buddy-buddy around these guys to stay on good \"roomie terms\" he may not even like them as a friend. Thus making him, more likely than not, a very different kind of person. Good luck.
  • I have no idea how old your boyfriend is. But I would certainly hope that he has his own mind and his own morals that he would be easily swayed or influenced by his roommates (that can't keep it in their pants) If you doubt him that much - ask him bluntly you know if he's lying and then the ball is in your court as to what you want to do....
  • I am going through a similar situation right now. I wish I had the answer.
  • If he's a man, he won't be influenced by it. If he's a weak minded individual, or already got the morality to cheat, then he'll do so.
  • 2/3 of guys cheat so you are good
  • It depends on his character, really. I hang out with people who cheat or who have cheated, but that doesn't mean that I will be a cheater in the future. It's possible that he won't turn into one. Do you trust him, though? That's the question you should be asking yourself.
  • it dosent mean he'll cheat it all depend's on the person he is, him having room mate's who cheat dosent mean he'll go ahead and do it ,my partner's friend's have cheated ,but my partner has never in 14 years as far as i know ,he come's back and tells me how disgusted he is when his friend's tell him what they've done he tell's them to their face its wrong ,it's a very hard question to give advice on ,you yourself should know if he's easily influenced or not .
  • maybe. if he is easily influenced. but more than likely he will cheat eventually sorry. birds of a feather flock together.

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