• I'd like to think that I am a thoughtful person.
  • The Valarie kind, of coarse!
  • A living one. Although, I don't know how but some people actually find me annoying! shock, horror!
  • This is a question I ask myself every day. It keeps me in check because I'm never am what I could be and it makes me strive to be better. There's always room for improvement, no matter what level we've reached. I hate to be the judge of myself. I don't have a view from the outside and it's a view I value greatly. I think I'm a considerate, kind, fair, trustworthy, fun, interesting, faithful, intelligent, decent person. I don't say that based on what I think of myself, but on what I've been told over many years. I don't think we are what we think we are but what other people experience us as being. Even they can be wrong but the general consensus is what should be looked at. This isn't to say that what other people think of you is how you should decide to live your life. Live your life as you want to, respecting that others have the right to live theirs as they want to.
  • A person who tries to be a better person each day.
  • I'm a nice, kind and helpful guy.
  • An imperfect but well intentioned kind of person :)
  • Happy go Lucky:) * Jumps in air and Does Heel Click*
  • I always strive to be a better person. When I am wrong, I say it, make whatever apologies needed, and do better the next time. I am highly spiritual, and I believe in God not because somebody told me to, but because I can see him working in so many dang ways. I am not allowed to vote for the death penalty, nor enforce it because God told me so and explained why. It made perfect sense. He also said I am to live my life dedicated to the service to others, so this is what I do every day of my life, one way or the other. I am smart, level-headed, and tempered with a very caring heart. I am faithful to my children, my husband, my friends and my country, sometimes to a fault. I am imperfect, but I don't chastise myself or anyone else for it. Life is a learning process and full of joy. On most days I enjoy every minute of it. On days I am sad, I feel it and be done with it. I am a dedicated mother and wife. I would NEVER cheat. I don't sweat small stuff. I am neither racist nor a bigot, but I have one prejudice - attitude. I can handle anything but a nasty attitude :)
  • The kind that doesn't like chaos too much.
  • I am kind, caring, considerate, honest, respectful, trustworthy, friendly, creative, intelligent, loving, sassy, funny, learning, laid back, easy going, and sweet. :-)
  • I will never know in totality the kind of person I am. I think Johari Window is a good model which would assist me in knowing more about the person I am. Johari Window models four panels of personal awareness: (1) Open: Known to Self Known to others - this is my open book. I think I am fairly friendly and I am one who values friendship so I decided to take on the name Jonathan. This I show for sure. (2) Blind: Not Known to Self but known to others - this would mean that I have to know certain truths about myself from others, family, relatives, friends, etc. I find out some people say I am too particular about language and the correct use of words. My wife says I can a little sarcastic at times. (3) Hidden: Known to self Not known to others - there may be truths I know about myself that others do not know and will never know unless I choose to tell them. To say the least, I am a reluctant person who also lacks perseverance and constancy of purpose, giving way to distractions easily. (4) Unknown: Not known to self Not known to others - Only God will know. May He find me faithful.
  • Funny,Nice,Smart,And Well Bevaved.
  • athletic, funny, and outgoing
  • Mint flavoured mostly
  • The kind your Mother warned you about...
  • I am the Goddess Of The Universe ;) :):)
  • Weird. I'm weird. 0_o
  • the kind that feels alone a lot but wont let you know that. and is afraid of showing his true feelings incase he puts you in a bad mood. and just wants to help. very sarcastic, jokes about everything.
  • i like and aspire to that old boy scout oath - trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent. on the other hand, i've fibbed, i've not been faithful to co-workers, i'm grumpy some times, in a hurry i'll slam the door on you if the bank's gonna close in three minutes, i'm too often selfish, i'm somewhat of an anarchist, again grumpy, i spend about all i make, i'm scared of being alone as i grow older, i didn't bathe yet today and it's 92 degrees, i don't pray or thank god enough. i guess it looks kind of like the yin and yang, within all things are the seeds of its opposite... oh, btw, i like orange sherbert.
  • sweet, lovable, caring, compassionate, giving, humorous, outgoing, trustworthy, respectful, wise, smart, and friendly but if you abuse animals, or kids or are an arrogant jerk..some of the above goes out the window and I become a bitch
  • Superlative. And I'm not big headed, either....
  • the words ass and hole immediately spring to mind
  • Basically, I'm a good person. That's not to be confused with 'nice' person...but good. The rest is window dressing for the soul
  • I am a dominant, thoughtful and manipulative person.

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