• hi,good question,i've often thought about this.what i think it is,as you get older and take over your own life from your parents and become self supporting ie,you have a job to go to,so you have to be out of bed at a set time,finish work at the same time,know in advance if you have to be somewhere on a particular day etc,etc,your days and what you do are mostly planned.which i feel makes time shorter as you know whats going to a child you live by the moment,and are told what you have to do mainly at the time of doing it,time has no meaning.i can remember being told it's nearly your birthday or christmas in a few days time,and it used to take forever to get with a host of other things in my life,it's on me before i know it.regards..tessa5
  • Its a matter of perspective. For instance, a year is 1/6th of the life of a 6 year old. It is 1/60th of the life of a 60 year old. The older you get, the shorter the time seems based on your lifespan.
  • It doesnt. Its simply how the brain perceives our activities.
  • It only seems that way because the end of the tunnel isn't as far away as when you were younger.

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