• I once worked in a company where a very good friend also worked. He was not my boss but was much higher on the corporate ladder than me. It didn't affect us at all.
  • Just a little..... just do your job well and all will be ok.
  • I think it can although it doesn't have to, but I think it depends on how easily the two people could (1) separate work and their friendship and (2) how much either person abused (or took advantage of) the situation. Personally, I don't think it would affect my relationship with my friends, but I've never been put into this situation before.
  • It depends on the friend... If they didn't know how to work and they just told people what to do while they sat on their ass, then we wouldn't be friends very much longer or I would have to stop working for them... But if they knew how to actually work well with others then I wouldn't mind working with them!
  • Nothing could bring us closer ;)
  • It didn't! The situation was reversed though. I employed a good friend and we remained good friends to this day.
  • sadly yes, but if you are Arab, then you would be the happiest employee of all time :P Arabs are cool when it comes to this situation xD !
  • Not from my side... But there are those, who, when they become boss, feel they can no longer be friends. Personally, I think that's bunk... EVERYONE should be able to differentiate between work-related stuff and friendship stuff. (For example, at work, you talk about and DO work, with an occasional non-work-related comment or question - "How's Jane?" or "Coming over Sunday?" - and at home, you treat each other as friends, with the occasional work-related question or comment - "Are you doing ok with that... at work?" or "What do you think of Tim as project leader for that project?" or "So... Feel any different being the boss?") Problem is when the employee feels the boss is now pushing him to do things he wouldn't normally have done, or has NEVER done before, and expects too much. And, sometimes, gaining the power of being the boss gives THAT person an ego-trip and the way they demand/order/request things done is harsh.
  • It didn't. But it made so many people mad for the fact that it didn't. They felt favoritism was taking place and had to separate us to two different stores.
  • I'm my friends boss, and work is work, but not the time off is seprate.
  • It would. When co-workers of the same status are friends, they can talk about anything. Once one is another's boss, the relationship changes. Certain topics become tabu.
  • nope. i'd get away with a lot of shit.
  • My friend got promoted several months ago. We worked together at another job. She was the one that suggested me to the managers and why I was hired. Then, when she got promoted I thought it would be weird, but it hasn't. The two of us still get along very well. She helps me out, I help her out. I still think she is a really great person.
  • only if you let it affect the relationship..

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