• Many people make these kinds of errors due to physical impairments. I always think of this fact first before I pass judgment on typos and spelling errors. I only ignore posts that are so poorly written that I don't know what the poster is talking about.
  • I don't mind typos - we all have dyslexic keyboard syndrome sometimes. I do object to text speak and don't bother with questions that are so badly written that I have to work hard to decipher the question.
  • Spelling errors drive me nuts. I try to make sure I have everything spelled correctly, and if I don't have time to look something up, I'll at least put the little (sp?) after it. And I hate it when people use "texting language" all the time. I can understand the need for it when your phone only accepts messages of a certain length, but in a place like AB here, it's totally unnecessary and looks awful.
  • Not always. BuT i HaTe It wHeN pEoPlE aLwAyS tYpE lIkE tHiS... yOu SeE hOw WeIrD aNd AnNoYiNg iT gEts? also h8 it whn ppl alwyz typ lyk dis... coz sumtyms u hv no idea wt thy r sying... lyk jst spll prply hw mch lngr wil it tke u?? The most common error I know is "ur" and "ure". Sometimes it really gets on my nerves, but I try not to notice. Same with "its" and "it's".
  • typos are forgivable when the word is beyond the comprehension of the individual. What I find annoying, lazy is when someone uses spell check to fix any typographical errors. Most often this person will not know the difference between their, they're and there. two to and two etc. You get the point. The wrong spelling invariably is used.
  • Texting lingo. Blatant misspelling, hard to read and understand, looks lazy and can make a very serious Q or A seem frivolous.
  • Having been an English major in school I find that blatant spelling errors really burn my butt. Words are a sign of advancement in culture and the fact that people prefer to misspell because they think it's cool is a sign to me that the typer doesn't have a high regard for the person he/she is communicating with.
  • Personally neither bothers me. People are imperfect - we are bound to commit mistakes. However, it does bother me when someone brags about his spelling and grammar skills, when he himself commits so many spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Some are just typos, it's easy to do..Others can't spell because they just can't.. "whether" to use weather or whether, there, their or they're, That doesn't bother me either, sometimes Ive done it..I don't like when some one says u for you, y for why, that kind of thing.. Most doesn't bother me except for that. Im not that good with grammer myself:)
  • only if it says MURDER for ORDER and SUCK when you are supposed to DUCK.....
  • If you see a word spelling incorrectly very often, you may start to spell it that way yourself. In this day and age of Firefox with spell check and the ability to run anything through a word processing program spell check, 99 percent of spelling errors are preventable. My co-worker sent me an email this week entitled "The Phones are Comming, The Phones are Comming be ware" I wanted to fall off my chair, he is 27 years old and should be able to spell coming & beware If a person on AB does not use "English" as a first language and it is a second language, than it is much more forgivable.
  • Blatant spelling errors definitely bother me more. I mean, we do have a spellcheck function on the site. That shows laziness to me.
  • They are not "sins". Some people just know how to spell more correctly or type more accurately than others. Long as I can understand it I am not bothered.

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