• It's like falling, it's not the drop that sux, it's the sudden stop at the end, yo...
  • I fear not getting old. If I do make it, I would guess overall health would be a big concern. I don't want to be a senior who needs to take dozens of pills each day.
  • Not being able to take care of myself. Being a burden to someone.
  • not afraid! infact i look forward to it, not the "adult" thing...cuz everyone say that a teen just wants to be older or sumthin like that...nah i want to be anceint...or die tryinglol
  • I do fear it to a degree, no one like to think of themselves as incapable, having your mind still willing but the body not able. Who know, maybe by the time i get to that age they will have developed science to cater for these problems :)
  • my only fear of getting old is having wasted time in my youth so far though i don't really think i have anything to be afraid of i don't mind grey hairs - already have a few and i'm not even 20, go figure and i don't mind wrinkles - laugh lines show a life of smiles and hey, at least if i make it that far, then i'll be like "haha suckers, let's see how good you guys pull this off" ;)
  • I am old and I always state my age when asked, and when not asked I offer it up (70-1/2). I've never had a day of fear..that's silly, considering the alternative is death..naturally you're going to age. The trick is to try to do it gracefully and not hang on to youth trying to fool yourself and others that you're really still young. At least that's my opinion.
  • Biggest fear? I was going to say death but actually it is the sickness in old age that I really don't like to go on for too long before the final shut down.
  • My biggest fear is that the arthritis pain will stop having good days. I life for the good days and fear that someday the pain will just stay and never go away.
  • being unhappy with how my life turned out.
  • Biggest fear about getting older is not getting wiser or learning that it won't go on forever. I am not afraid of aging - I have earned it...!!!!!
  • I am afraid of not getting old at all. I'm afraid of dying young.
  • I am not afraid of being old. Because I believe in God. If you have a faith in God. Then, you will younger forever in heaven.
  • My biggest fear in the whole world is death. I know it will have to come sooner or later but I would like to die peacefully in a bed at an age between 80-100.
  • Biggest fear is caused by knowing I didn't accomplish the things I wanted to experience in my life and having to accept it is now too late for some, such as establishing a stable home for my child with a loving partner, and having more children. Another fear is being left behind by the younger generations -- becoming irrelevant. And of course, loss of youthful appearance, because I didn't appreciate it at the time and it can never be gotten back. I know some of this is egotistical but it's real. Have to retrain my thinking, but the fear is there.
  • I'm not afraid. I used to dread being a burden to others, especially loved ones, but now I know that the VA will see to it I'm cared for. And if I can give those that care for me a laugh or a bright spot in their day, then its worth it. They also have a job because of people like me so that's good too! And as long as I'm alive I can give smiles, laughs and possibly advice to help others. After that I get my reward, so its all good.
  • Not being able to defend myself if someone takes the piss or has a go at me lol
  • My biggest fear is that I will lose my independence and become a nursing home resident. As I watched my father failing and becoming more senile I thought about an old ndn saying, that "it's better to die in battle than live to be an old man". He made it home from the war with Japan, and I made it home from the war with Vietnam without dying in battle. So, now I worry about what lies ahead.
  • Getting an incurable disease.
    • Linda Joy
      Life is an incurable disease. Don't fret it dude, I have several incurable diseases! I would have thought at your age a little arthritis would have set in by now. Its incurable, you know.

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