• Love finds you...I believe that 100%
  • through expierences that draws love out...?
  • When you like someone and are lucky enough to have them like you back, love forms.
  • simple. by using a compass and a map. or you could always try shouting "MARCO" and hope the hear a "POLO" in response.
  • I find that love finds me. I never look for it. I've been in love several times with great guys and as I get older with great men.
  • I don't believe that love is really ever 'found'. My experience is that IT finds YOU, usually by one of the following methods: 1) Screaming down the four-lane highway from out of no-where, broadsiding you at the crossroads of life where your normal choices were the road to mediocracy or the highway to Hell, with no other end in sight; crushing you and drowning you in your own life blood as your heart slowly bleeds itself dry. 2) Sneaking up on you in the dead of night, steel blade glinting in the moonlight as you are howling out the anguish of your cold, dead, lonely existance to the unfeeling night sky; ready to carve an ending to your misery through that tight, cramped, knot of pain known as your heart. 3) Timidly tickling your you on the bare edges of your awareness, slowly insinuating it's tentacles through your defences to wrap themselves around your unsuspecting heart in a crushing embrace, smothering out all else as you slowly loose sight of the world around you, until finally everything just fades away with the last feable beat. 4) Or like it did me: slyly, with a light, care-free feeling at first which grew until suddenly I thought "I'm in trouble now! I could REALLY fall for this person!" Of course, I was in denial at the time because the truth of it was I had already fallen for her. And she's a truly wonderful person I am lucky to have 'found'! But you've gotta admit! I had you going there at first, didn't I! :)- Go on, there's no shame in admitting it!
  • See my Love Ladder poem at BTW: You don't FIND love. When you love yourself enough, When you are NOT really looking to love another or When you are not really looking for another to love you (Even if you are hoping for it), When you are not TRYING to "make" someone love you, When you care so much it "hurts", When you don't even SEE anyone else, When ALL of the above and more happen, Love has found YOU. (Thank you for the inspiration... I like my new prosaic poem. ;-) )
  • When you are not looking for it and least expect it. That's how I feel because I have no other explaination for not noticing how RED my boyfriends face would get when we talked before we started dating. I'm oblivious sometimes. :)
  • it is found with your heart. not with your sexual organs.
  • You mine for it of course. Deep in the mountains. jk, let love find you, and it will when you are yourself. i truly believe that.
  • Love finds you. Are you willing to respond? It requires getting our selfish head out of our selfish butt. If you have your Bible, this is where it can start. Start with John..All to familiar with self-centeredness myself, I can say that you will not regret what the Bible has to say to you, your heart, and your problems. ("yeah, but that was written so many years ago")...And it applies for you today, tomorrow, and forever.

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