• depends on which american you're talking about i'm not one of them who love guns
  • No idea, to be honest I don't quite get it myself..
  • Guns have been a part of life from way back. I'd say it goes to the pioneering era. Guns were not an optional extra. From then, the gun industry has bloomed, and become as regular as a refrigerator or a television.
  • Not all Americans love guns. Many who do enjoy hunting. Others believe the have the right to defend themselves. People I know who love guns also really enjoy target practice as a hobby. Guns have been part of American culture since the country's inception and were certainly a key factor in the formation of militias throughout the colonies, in expanding through the west, in providing a livelihood and putting food on the table.
  • Try joining Trappist monks!
  • That depends on who you talk to. Guns and hunting have been a way of life for hundreds of years, but not all Americans like to hunt.
  • Insecure and simple minded people tend to look for asinine solutions to complex problems.
  • Some of us are. The Founders Fathers assured us that that right would not be taken away by the government. If for only the reason as a last resort to the government wanted to take away any of our other rights.
  • not all of us, im not, i hate guns
  • I am American and have zero interest in guns. At the same time I respect the rights of others to have them and to handle them responsibly.
  • The USA has always been a waring nation. The USA has not been involved in a war someplace in the world less than 30 years of its history. It is a way of life in the USA.
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      It's human nature, not an American phenomenon.

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