• The proper way to use dye when you have dark hair is to bleach the hair first, so that the dye can cover more easily. If you skip the bleach step, the results are unpredictable. The most likely results, in no particular order, are: Dye works normally. Dye doesn't work at all. Dye combines with the natural color to produce a darker pink. Random streaks of hair become pink, with the rest remaining brown. If I had to bet on one outcome, my choice would be that last one. And you probably wouldn't like the way that it would look. So follow the directions, and bleach first if required (which it will be for just about anything except those spray-type costume dyes).
  • bleach it first then dye it... buttt if you dont bleach it it wont show up
  • If you use a vegetable pink hair dye over the brown you would more than likely only get a sheen or hint of colour depending on how dark brown the hair is. I personally have medium-dark brown hair and I bleach parts then apply Special Effects Atomic Pink over it all and the bleached parts go neon pink whereas the unbleached brown parts go a dark burgundy type colour (not bright but more a sheen of colour under certain lights). Dyes will also last much less time on unbleached hair - for best results you really should bleach first. Lots of pink vegetable hair dye photos can be seen here (including some unbleached hair photos): and hints/tips and help on using vegetable dyes can be seen here:

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