• I have the same issue, and I have tried everything. The ONLY thing that has ever worked for me are Keratin treatments followed by Keratin shampoo and conditioner. I would not bother with the shampoo/conditioner without the treatment though. Unfortunately, the treatment is a couple hundred bucks. It doesn't straighten the hair, just makes the frizz calm down.
    • Cyviniaa239
      Yeah, I've considered getting a Kertain treatment however it's expensive. I guess that might be the only solution though. A friend told me that her sister had the same problem and accidentally happened to buy shampoo for curly hair while she was on vacation and it made her hair curlier + it made the frizz calm down
    • lavender
      Oh wow, can you ask her what the name of the shampoo was that she used? I would SO give that a shot myself.

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