• I'm not your troll, but obviously you do. You're asking a question just for him.
  • I don t know,i don t care.
  • You have your own personal troll????? Wow, that sounds really terrible. Like being picked on or singled out. I'm sorry :(
  • Well it's certainly not to be offensive or insulting, but making a thread calling out your troll kinda defeats the entire apathy you seem to claim towards their actions. :/ But yeah it still sucks, points. :)
  • I like your comments to answers, where do you get such patients:)
  • BEST way to deal with a troll is completly ignore them. Posting a question about it, is NOT ignoring them.
  • This is your troll speaking! I'm an okra farmer...and it wasn't nice what you said about that which provided my livlihood! "YUK!" is NOT nice! :-) Seriously, I don't understand the mentality of trolls, or even run-of-the-mill downgraders...but there's all kinds of people in this world I don't understand...and, at 70, I've been around this world awhile. Oh, well... I pulled up your profile page trying to see why anyone whould even want to troll you. I couldn't find any good reason why you might have "earned" a troll. Great presentation on the page all around, especially the photographs. Facinating to me that you decided to live in Spain. I've been to continental Spain twice and loved it...and to Majorca once and to the Canaries once on separate vacations. I'll keep an eye out for the evil deeds of your trolling nemesis...the okra farmer...and do my part to neutralize what I feel does unnecessary harm --negative trolling-- to our great AB site. P.S. Did you realize that you've picked up a Spanish accent...SO evident in your writings! Just kidding...Just kidding. I love havin' fun with everybody in here. :-)

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