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  • 3 without their reply is too many but if its an on going conversation that theyre participating in there is no limit unless your gonna get overage charges :)
  • If they're not replying, I'd say three or four is the max. If they are replying, there's no limit.
  • youll know when it gets overboard or youll feel like whoa im blowin up her phone. but when its a 2way thing where the other person is texting as well then by all means go for it.
  • 3 if there not answering but if it's an ongoing conversation then GOODLUCK!!! n keep txting
  • depends on who it is. If its your mom 5 plus, if its your wifes boyfriend two is too many, haha.
  • 3 seems to be the cut off - dont send another till you get one back.... but if your texts are really quick notes nothing wrong with sending a quick hi the next day :)
  • Depends. It's important to make sure they have a text messaging plan. Some of us don't pay for that service, and it REALLY pisses us off when we have to pay for texts we didn't ask for because someone didn't want to actually CALL US. Sorry... it's a sore spot these days. ^_^
  • Too many is when the recipient feels its too many.

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