• It's a place where they can be as unruly and foul as they want, without their parents' interference. Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to be a passing fad, so I'd suspect that MySpace is gonna be around for a while... *exasperated sigh*
  • well, it's a blog where they can meet friends, express their feelings, share profiles/interests. Some of them even get the chance to meet new ppl they've never met before.
  • Sheep.
  • The younger generation tends to embrace and exploit new technologies and online resources much faster than the rest of us. We (by 'we' I refer to us old farts) often dismiss these new toys as unnecessary. But the younger crowd find a way to incorporate it into their lives, sometimes in useful ways, sometimes not. In the past, our social circle was limited by those we went to school with, lived near, or worked with. Thanks to the Internet, this limitation has vanished.
  • When I was in school, yes cavemen had school too! We were always encouraged to have pen pals in other cities and countries. It is good for learning different cultures and to know that there are other kids out there that are going through the same things that we go through in our lives. I think it was a way for us to practice our penmanship too. Better than just doing homework.
  • It's actually the same reason why the largest group of readers of Seventeen Magazine are 12 year olds. Kids are "aspirational." They aspire to being older -- elementary school kids want to be in middle school, middle schoolers want to be in high school, and high schoolers can't wait for college. They see the supposed freedoms that older kids have and want that. Now, due to a ton of influences -- the media, advertising, etc. -- they see lots of things ahead of them that they want right now.
  • for crying out loud?
  • I don't know but I had a myspace profile last year to keep in touch with friends, but I closed it cause I felt like I was in high school still too much drama, so stupid.
  • its an addiction my friend....
  • hello, id like to know that too,little kids shouldnt be allowed on my space.did you know that the my space people deleted 36000 accounts of known sexual pediphilles 4 years ago?? its absolutely mind blowing!!
  • "Monkey see, monkey do."
  • Because you can make it glittery and sparkly and bouncy with icons and avatars and you can add a lot of friends who aren't really friends so you seem more popular and it has a blog so you can talk about your petty middle school dramas and it has pictures so you can take tons of fat girl angle shots and show off your amateur anime art and it has music encoded so everyone that visits your page is blasted with My Chemical Romance music and it has lists so you can tell everyone what your favorite food is even though no one cares and you can respond to the weight question with "you shouldn't ask a lady that!" and it has friends comments so everyone can say how kawaii you are and it has video so you can tape you and your friends pretending to drink apple juice out of beer bottles and then show off to your friends that aren't really friends... *takes a deep breath* Not that MySpace is horrible, but the pages of little kids tend to look like that.
  • Because it's the perfect place for premature whoring... What's that Sally? You have a 43 year old boyfriend... well that's just darling.
  • Because it is fun. If the technology for Myspace had been around before now, previous generations would also have done the same. There are more ways to communicate now than ever before and using the internet to do it, is extremely popular - people (including kids) are doing it across the globe and they love it. New ways of doing things are sometimes just as much fun as old ways and the internet and all it offers is proving to be something that people love. An child would no more understand why things you did during your childhood were anymore fun than you think MySpace is now. There is nothing wrong with an 11 year old using a computer for fun and social networking to talk on MySpace - if such things had been invented sooner, we would have done it as well.
  • i think they should start going on that when they're 13, because they are responsible enough not to give out their detail and thats the age when you really do start to get a social life outside of school
  • Well, it really IS for kids. I joined because some of my children wanted me to.
  • The site really is officially for kids. It has become a minor's land since they lie about their ages a lot.

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