• you might want to check at the court house but if in your agreement then need to have the carpets prof. cleaned and thinks like that it can not be done in one day. also i did not give a land lord a 30 day notice when i moved once and that was grounds to hold my deposit so you can probably keep it on some grounds
  • You definetely left out a major portion of your question. this, changes everything. First, were the police called and a report made or prosecution? if not, this should have the first step taken by you. at the least a report for disorderly conduct or intimidation. the police report would have backed your civil action, against the evicted tenants. If, the evicted tenants were evicted for just cause and a violation of their signed lease agreement, i cannot see a reason to refund their security deposit. read the lease agreement again and make absolutely sure this is covered and they affixed their signature. If you have an attorney friend, in oregon, it might also be a good idea to contact this person and give a heads up on your situation.

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