• because women killed chivalry and we're trying to resurrect it as for controlling... i dunno
  • they have a big ego and low self esteem
  • most men are not confident unless they are in control which usually makes a bad relation ship. We tend to think what we say goes no matter what. Contropl is the modern day kingship. If you are in a relationship and control is not eqaly divided GET OUT OF IT.....
  • It's a POWER & FEAR thing. Some men (and women too!) are just so afraid of losing control of the situation or relationship (or just generally within their lives), that they act this way in order to hold on as best they can. It's just because they feel INSECURE.
  • Well its because our "civil" instincts never really evolved you see? In a way we still are all cave-men, meaning we wage wars over turf. When a women promises her self to one of us, it makes us feel like its our duty to stand up for her. Would you expect a cave-man to let some other roving caveman to come ride on her saber-tooth tiger!? HELL NO! He'd take his club and give him a whoopin.
  • No such thing as Too Much.....and what's wrong with looking after what you own? Goddamn Pinko Liberal....If I ever get YOU in the cellar you will get what she got last time she answered back.....
  • becuse they want to prove thier masculinity
  • Mine is VERY overprotective, and if you knew my life...You'd understand why.
  • The same reason some women feel the urge to control their men or get overprotective of them too much. Some people are really insecure and others are control freaks.

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