• Yesterday.
  • ive never told a lie...oh bugger...never mind ;) hehe
  • 2 Hours ago lol was told to do so on behalf of boss
  • During the alien invasion of 1869....
  • Today... about 6 hrs ago. Little white lie. It was to the Garbage man and just having a quick hey conversation and he asked me a question and I didn't tell him the truth. It was really none of his business.
    • beaker95
      Was the question, "Did you drink all these bottles of Shiraz yourself?"....
  • You know how people say that if someone tells you they never lie - they're lying. In the literal sense everyone does lie. In a general sense it is possible to never lie. I know, because I don't lie - in general. I've counted my lies. On average I slip and tell a real lie about once every three years! It's simple. There are three things that may give you the false impression that I'm lying. First I might simply be joking around. I don't see jokes as lies. Secondly I might be exagerating. If I say I had a million customers today....the odds are it wasn't really a million. Thirdly I might simply have been mistaken. If what I said I thought was the truth then I didn't lie. I broke up with my last girlfriend for accusing me of lying. She KNEW I never lie (Generally speaking).

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