• no... spelling should be expanded!
  • already is. calld txt tlk. kids dont hafta no how2spell anymor. aint dis gr8? (not)
  • Yes. It should be made as phonetic as possible. Why? Personally I think a simple spelling system would make it easier for non-speakers to learn a certain language. More speakers = less chances of one language dying.
  • We all know my spelling yes:) Thank you for this question Keithold! And we will have to have your knighting ceremony for Sillyville:)
  • No, please no! I've already had to re-learn all the geography I learned in school when they up and changed a great many of the country names. I really don't want to have to learn how to re-spell too!
  • Don't people simplify it enough these days? Sometimes i have no idea what people are talking about.
  • It should be complicated even more. It's too easy to use a spell-checker nowadays. Heck, Firefox has it built in and enabled by default. Anyone spelling stuff wrong these days on a computer is either exceptionally lazy, exceptionally stupid, or just ignorant.
  • Yes it shud. Foniks never wurked for me.
  • Ys t shld.
  • If the whole world speaks and learns English despite it's difficult orthography, it means this language is the best the way it is.
  • If it was simplified how would we know the difference between such words as ,fore ,for and four root and route, bough and bow. Just a few thoughts or forts. :-)
  • Even though I admit to being a weak speller; I feel that it's fine the way it is, I enjoy the challenge. There are a few words that could use some work such as bureau. It's just my personal nemesis; but I got it right on the first try that time. If I can do it; most anyone can.
  • Correct spelling not only helps distinguish words with the same pronunciation, like Steve0079 says, but also helps clarify the meaning of many words, by knowing the roots of these. Spelling can be a pain, but in most cases, simplifying it will only make the language more difficult to understand.

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