• When I was a kid I tried to dry some clothes in the microwave. They caught on fire.
  • Reheating a hard boiled egg. Not a good idea. It exploded just as I reached in to take it out.
  • Real crystal bowl that held freshly melted butter, exploded just after My sister and myself ducked.
  • One of my son's friends misread the label on a frozen dinner. Head read 30 minutes, the box said three. We had minor flames, nothing bad, except we needed a new microwave.
  • Husband (having placed butter tub with metal/foil lid thing inside and pressing 'Start'), saying "Erm, had a little fire with the butter earlier".
  • At work they had Pizza Hut delivery and I snatched a container of hot wings for later. During lunch break I put the container in and one minute later the whole microwave was on fire. I didn't know they used aluminum to keep the package warm.
  • I tried to boil water in a glass bowl, when I grabbed the bowl and stated turning around, it exploded. I have learned since then, put a spoon in the bowl before moving it.
  • Swanson's TV dinner in aluminum...nuff said. Like the 4th of July lol.
  • I was once stating at a family friend's house who only owned gold-rimmed plates. When put int he microwave the plates began to spark. Not wanting to damage is property I resorted microwaving everything on paper towels.
  • I made a cake and put it in think I had press 7 min except for I hit an extra 0 making it 70mins because the clock was not visable.
  • I got a bag of potatoes that were "ready to steam". Just microwave for 8 minutes, and voila! I didn't see the "This Side Up" warning on the bag. Long story short, the side that should have been up was in fact down, and I ended up with a shattered glass microwave a little too hot!
  • I had this light up cup. And as a blonde i didn't think before i put hot chocolate in the cup to put it in the microwave. Well lets just say we had to replace the microwave and i found out it was metal :) Haha
  • just burned popcorn. very minor compared to the other answers.
  • I thought i might be able to make a hard boiled egg in a glass cup of water. The egg exploded, broke the glass and i had water, glass, and egg mess to clean up. Also the explosion dented the inside of the oven.
  • The infamous "exploding potato" debacle.
  • my neighbor's cat, need I say more?
  • I was reheating an Arby's sandwhich and I never thought that the silver wrapper was aluminum. It caught on fire.
  • I forgot to cover a chili with beans warm-up. I have not made that mistake again.
  • When I was a kid, my cousin dared me to put a pink peep (the marshmallow easter candy) in the microwave to see what happened. So, I did and it exploded everywhere. There was pink marshmallow bits ALL over the inside of the microwave. I got in so much trouble. :(
  • I discovered the house sitter tried to cook popcorn while I was on vacation, and she hit the popcorn button twice. The popcorn bag exploded and she did not clean it up.
  • Once I tried making oatmeal with milk in the microwave. Oatmeal in the microwave works fine, milk in the microwave works fine, but together you end up with oatmealy mess all over the microwave and whats left in the bowl has this thin film over it which makes it very unappetizing.

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