• just white walls, i didnt decorate it
  • Off-white painted walls and ceiling. Hardwood flooring. A small bed with a bookcase headboard, which contained a set of Funk and Wagnalls Encyclopedia. Two narrow windows were situated above the bookcase and were darkened by brown curtains. A dresser on the left side of the bed contained four drawers and a boombox sat on top of it. To the right of the bed sat a corner desk with a computer tower underneath and a CRT monitor, keyboard, and mouse sitting atop. Next to the corner desk was a larger desk that held one narrow desk drawer and three boxier drawers, and a lamp on top, as well as a shelf of various books above. next to that desk sat an electric guitar and a small amplifier in the corner opposite of the corner with the dresser. On the adjacent wall, there was a white sliding wooden door that would expose a small closet filled with hanging dress shirts and pants. Next to the closet door was a small patch of exposed wall with a 6 foot black Led Zeppelin tapestry, followed by the door to the main hall of the house. On the wall adjacent to the wall with the door there was a tall narrow mirror, showing signs of age with wear around the lower corners.

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