• The one that isn't asked...! ;-)
    • Roaring
      My first thought
  • why are you gay?
  • Why don't you take your own good advice?
  • Where did the money go?
  • what rhymes with orange
  • what answer can you never question
  • The one that is never asked.
  • a personal one
    • we are dough 68
      How old are you ?
    • pearllederman
      thats personal
    • we are dough 68
      Will you marry me ?
    • pearllederman
      sorry but i dont even know you, but thanks for asking since noone else does
    • we are dough 68
      Was that a yes ?
    • Richard Jason Wilson
      Religion I see ppl post you ppl not know the bible is stories NOT FACT!! allegorical an metaphors...most is based off mythical gods most was the SUN AND MOON and even the planets example the god in the bible is EL or's why you marry and stand before God you exchange RINGS...women wore earrings to better hear his word...the angels didn't have halos they are the rings of saturn the names of God's ang-ELs was Micha-EL,Gabri-EL, Rapha-EL..etc..the symbol for Saturn was black cube and symbols.of X and O in ancient times you worshiped.EL you was known as an EL-der..and became EL-evated in society you might run for EL-ection and get EL-ected and become a rich wealthy EL-ite it's why they called elite....Israel is named after pagan gods of ISIS of Egypt and RA egytian sun god and saturn or EL IS-RA-EL...The rich people "elites" know this it's why they use the saturn symbolism in their logos like Microsoft XBOX 360 X=Saturn box=cube and 360=rings or circle of 360 degrees...Christians worship is based off all this and egytian lore Jesus was the SUN his father lives in the heavens the heaven is the sky or space b4 Jesus the sun they had HORUS he was the SUN also he fizzed out after 3000yrs and Jesus was made up and used all similar both Horus and Jesus share the same story born of virgin was light of the world risen savior walked on water I can explain it all its because he is the's why Christian worship him on historical records at all places hin as.REAL NONE...the bible is Man made NOT WROTE BY GOD OR ANTONE HOLY NOBODY KNOWS WHO GOD IS OR SEEN HIM EVER NEVER NIT THEN OR NOW...RELIGION IS MAN MADE BY MEN...the 1st book GENESIS IS about ISIS egytian god who in myth was first lady she created the universe and humans etc all of it then she married Osiris and had Horus the sun not son...Horus is where we get hours Egyptians said Horus went across the sky in 12 steps each day so instead of saying that is 12 HORUS' it was later changes to HOURS=Horus Osiris his dad was first man its why we call men SIR OS-sir-is he was said be from Sirius and at night you see the SUN going down on the HORIZON ita far as you can see HORUS or HOR-I-ZONE or Horus eyes on u...and at night they thought he went into the underworld under the earth but he had fight the god of the underworld his name is SET It's why the SUN-Set....but each morning HORUS/SUN would rise the risen savior light kf the world same a Jesus later...Jesus died 3 days and resurrected easy on DECEMBER 21 the day is equal sun and dark and on the 22 the sun does not move or 23 or 24 but FINALLY December 25th Christmas the sun MOVES it movies slightly 1 degree north in the sky and starts it's way back into the northern hemisphere and the days start getting longer again...that means the SUN/SON hado to be dead he didn't move 3 dead system anything not move 3 days got to be dead right? then after 3 days he slightly moves NORTH OR UP up is the heavens remember? Where the father lives heaven...the heavens is the father the moon was mother and they had a SON/the sun...all the bible is nothing more than Astrotheology based on zodiac symbols and. signs...ok book of Peter is not Peter it's JUPITER or JEW-PETER Matthew is egytian god MA'AT and Genesis is ISISIS remember she was first god anywhere and Genesis is 1st in the bible talking about creation etc it's named for her the genes of isis or generation of isis....Virgin Mary is Virgo the virgin...Jesus time took place in age of Pisces symbol of the fish it's why you see Jesus on stickers written in a FISH...we going into age of Aquarius soon...remember Jesus was deceived or kiss of death? He was symbolically kissed by Judas it's the kiss of death...Thus, when the sun enters the house of Scorpio, the Scorpion figuratively stings the sun wounding it to make it slowly die....reason called a.kiss is when scorpion stings you it looks like you was kissed by lips or lipstick and leave lip outline it looks like
  • Is God a nice man ?
  • What was the motivation behind Adam sinning against God?
    • we are dough 68
  • What happens when I am dead ?
    • Ice man
      The mob will dance on your grave.
    • Lilo Avli
      I'm getting cremated, then, just to confuse them.
  • Where did the universe come from?
  • "How are you?" Its so generic its almost unbearable. Like what do you expect me to say? The world around me is falling down and I hate it? The answer will always be "fine'.
  • Without making things up?

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