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  • Depending on how much that you used to smoke you should be fine. If you smoked daily then I would go pick-up a home test from the drug store just to be sure.
  • if you wake up early and drink lots of water, then pee at least 4 times before the test then yes! or it will be marked as dilution which is almost as good as a pass
  • Probably.
  • no take some circo
  • More than likely.
  • SOme places are plucking hair from scalp now which stuff shows in your system alot longer
  • It stays in the hair. If I were them I'd take some hair off your head, test it, then nail your ass to the wall for possession and use.
  • probably not go down to gnc and get the stuff called strip follow the directions and no worries
  • You should be fine unless you smoked every single day before you quit. The concentration of THC in your system depends on how often you smoked and how long its been since smoking. (for example, for someone of normal weight who only smokes occassionally, THC will only stay in the body about a week). Oh, also THC is stored in your fat cells, so you being skinny is a good thing :0) People who smoke multiple times every day can keep THC in their systems for up to 4-6 weeks. Oh, this assumes its a urine test, if it's a hair test you are screwed.
  • you wont be fine, weed stays in your system longer than any other drug, i suggest picking up a coke habit
  • yes u will pass. Wake up and piss a couple of times and drink alot of water. If u only weigh 105 pounds then it doesnt matter how much u used before u quit. Im a male that weighs 170 pounds and smoked 4-5 blunts and passed 7 days later on drugcourt.
  • you should be, continue with lots of water and make sure you empty your bladder a couple of times before you test, dont give the urine thats been marinating in your bladdder all night, collecting and storing toxins.
  • Depends on so many factors. GO read about detoxing your system at I have followed this for 15 yrs and have never flunked a test.
  • That is hard to say for sure because I don't know how often you used prior to quitting for those 3 weeks, I would suggest using a natural product just in case from Clear Choice. I have used them myself several times and recommened them all the time to my friends. I haven't had a complaint yet!!

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