• Your doctor has a couple of reasons for telling you that. First, health insurance and Dr's offices would be swamped with all the pregnancy tests by people who are "just checking". Second, the symptoms your girlfriend is experiencing are not exclusive to pregnancy. That can happen as a part of PMS AND, those are especially common to women whose bodies are just beginning to get adjusted to birth control pills. I would wait, but if you want, there are some over the counter pregnancy tests that can be accurate a few days before her period is due. Other than waiting for that time frame, no....there isn't anything that can tell sooner. Pregnancy tests, even the ones the Dr would give, measure HcG hormones and the hormone levels aren't high enough any earlier to tell if she is pregnant or not. Take it too early and it could say she is not pregnant, even if she is. Also, it is hughly unlikely she would be experiencing pregnancy symptoms at only 1 week of pregnancy.

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