• The DSM IV criteria for a mental disorder is: "a clinically significant syndrome or pattern that occurs in an individual and that is associated with present distress or disability or with significantly increased risk of suffering death, pain or disability. In addition, this syndrome or pattern must not be merely an expectable and culturally sanctionable response to a particular event, eg death of a loved one, whatever its original cause, it must currently be considered a manifestation of a behavioural, psychological or biological dysfunction in the individual. NEITHER DEVIANT BEGAVIOUR, EG POLITICAL, RELIGIOUS OR SEXUAL, NOR CONFLICTS THAT ARE PRIMARILY BETWEEN INDIVIDUAL AND SOCIETY ARE MENTAL DISORDERS. So basically...its not a mental disorder.
    • BlanesGirl09
      That's interesting. Grief is a mental disorder in the DSMV. I wonder how they square that up. I was approved for SSI in 2009 based on mental disorders, including grief over my late husband who passed away in 2008. I have also been dxed with PTSD for the events surrounding his death. I never can quite square all of it.
  • i think being judgmental is the worst. i am still guilty at times and i have been to a mental institution but it was only because the doctors had a the law on their side. i was not as big a victim as my insurance company!
  • PLEASE don't give them an excuse to avoid jail time for crimes committed in the name of their cause.
  • Every time a celebrity says something bigoted they apologize then got to rehab to "fix" their problem, so maybe.
  • I love the way you say "these people". Have you never had a racist thought, never been bigoted? ( I think so or you wouldn't ask the question). We are all racist/bigoted and whatever to some extent. If that means we have a mental disorder, then everyone has it, not just "some people". Even the nicest people have their sore points. Poke hard enough and you find them.
  • interesting question, one thing i have found out from people who have been in prison is that they believe prison made them racist, before being in prison they were not racist at all but after being in an overcrowded jail with dangerous criminals of all race they became prejudiced against certain races. being in prison also causes other mental problems so i would say your right in saying it is a mental disorder as it can be aquired through environment and mental stress just like many mental illnesses. also i have met people that have started out very racist because of where or how they were brought up and ended up making friends with people from many cultures and becoming less hating of other races, all this suggest to me that it is a mental disorder mainly caused by environment and upbringing. i believe anyone can be racist if theyre exposed to certain environments for a long period and vice versa people change all the time
  • the problem is that they're not insane or anything, it's a mentality and behavior, not something that can't be fixed. they're just stubborn as hell, choose not to open their minds or fix it. =( sucks really
  • These things you mention, bigotry/racism/homophobia, are very normal traits, which preserve life. Every human can't afford to survive a tiger attack in order to know that tigers can kill you, so you should be afraid. One learns either through direct experience or through teaching from someone else in his or her family groups what is dangerous to their survival. And so it is that either someone has a bad experience or learns from their family about a bad experience with another group of humans, and they form pre-judgments. Just like my pre-judgment about not trusting a tiger in the jungle. Depending upon where you live/grew up you may only have negative exposure to a group of one type of humans. Is it your fault that your instincts put you in a defensive mode? Yes, as social animals we can learn to overcome these fears. But it's not a disorder.
  • Yeah it does seem a bit outlandish to say there is absolutely nothing wrong with people who have racist/homophobic etc thoughts but I reckon we've all had at least a niggling little thought like that at some point. Like it or not everyone has different views, perhaps some peoples are rooted in 'issues' they may have but you can't label them as mentally unstable...I mean what are you going to do? medicate them?
    • BlanesGirl09
      Can I??????? PLEASE. .. PLEASE. ..PLEASE! !!!!!!!
  • Are liberals fully functional in the head? ;) Sorry, I couldn't
  • No. Intolerance is a normal human reaction, and most likely one of the strongest bonds of survival, unfortunately.
  • I think it is NOT a disorder. The concept of it being a disorder is just one more attempt to explain away bad behavior with a medical diagnosis rather than taking ownership of the bad behavior there is an tendancy to find an excuse for it that is "beyond my control...I am sick" Bullsh_t.
  • How many people do you think turned racist towards muslims after the 9/11 attack? The things you mentioned are not a disease, there human instincts.
  • The question that I am more interested in is will this still be this kind of issue in 25 years. In the 80s, post Partum depression was barely being acknowledged. It has now, and treatment is widely available. Will this be the case for KKK members and others? I don't know what the process for causation of medicating is.
  • Everything is a disorder now. I don't agree with the homosexual lifestyle so I'm labeled as being afraid of homosexuals? Doesn't make much sense to me.
  • good question... i guess it could be in a way.. A disorder of NOT knowing how to live among 'different' lifestyles..

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