• I was a teenager when I decided that I had put in enough effort in my relationship with my father. After my parents divorce, My father gave me the altimatum of "live with me or you will never see me again". When i decided that my mother was a better fit as my father was a heavily abusive drinker he kind of disapeared, I would call him and ask him out to dinner and such and we would go out a few times and it just seemed that if I didn't call him and beg I never saw him... and then one day I just realized that I was only hurting myself by continually working myself up to be let down so I just stopped calling and we haven't spoken since. The funny thing was he lived 3 blocks away from me and my mother and he wouldn't even wave when he saw me. It really makes me angry to think about and I know in my adult life that I will never let another man like that into my life hense my divorce at an early age.
  • I had to sever ties with my parents in my thirties. My dad was sexually abusive to me as a teenager and my mom was verbally and emotionally destructive towards me my whole life. They never accepted responsibility for their actions and once I grew up, I got alot therapy, went to college, and got healthy about my life. When they began telling other people in the family lies and trying to make others think I was "crazy" and making these things up, saying I was having "false memories" and so forth... I knew nothing restorative was happening any time soon. I tried to get them to go to therapy for 15 years with me or at least stop lieing and being abusive, i tried setting boundaries with them that they continued to disregard... I finally wrote them letters saying I forgive them but that I felt it best if we couldn't communicate with them anymore. Although I regret I didn't have functional parents and it's awful that the relationship wasn't possible, I've been happier and at peace ever since.

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