• I make it all the time. It's not always better, but it's always good.
  • We do make our own pizza every once in a while, just because the kids have a lot of fun putting their favorite ingredients on. I personally like to order pizza, it is a lot less work.
  • I LOOOOOOVE homemade pizza. and yes, it's always better than delivery. Not always better than the little place up the road owned by that very nice Italian couple... but much better than Pizza Hut.
  • I had a friend whose mom made the best home made pizza, it was delicious.
  • Yes, and it wan't very good at all. I have to say, there aren't many pizza places around here that have good pizza. They just don't care;(
  • Yes! Me and my fiance like to make pizza together, we make little tiny meatballs to put on it and pretty much everything else you can possibly put on a pizza. Ive had better gourmet pizza but the homemade pizza is cheaper and YOU made it. I had friends that use to work at the local Hungry Howies and they use to do nasty stuff to the food. Hungry Howies pizza is gross anyway, in my opinion. It really depends on the dough you choose to get or make.
  • Yes, and it's always better than store bought or delivery. The only one it's not better than is ones that are cooked in a wood fired oven, though I've gotten pretty close with a large pot over wood coals in a fire pit outside lol!
  • Absolutely. I make Chicago-style deep dish and stuffed pizzas with handmade dough and crushed plum tomatoes. My family enjoys it when I make it. I don't make it that often since it usually takes me about three hours to prepare it.
  • Anything I make would be better than some I've bought. Some was high priced also. I don't do very daring pizza. I buy a kit from the store and then add to the sauce, dough and cheeses. I do my own hamburger (small bits). Always better than I can buy.
  • We made it once but it wasn't so good. Store bought pizza's are fantastic.
  • It always wound up sucking in comparison and I think I only had one halfway decent homemade pizza ever in my life.
  • Definately. And not hard to do, I dont know why people dont make their own food more often(it taste better). One thing I love to do is get all your friends (who have different cooking styles), bring their favorite food over and start cooking together. Last time I did instead of using pizza dough we made torillas and folded all the toping inside the tortillas.
  • I have made my own pizza. We ate sandwiches that night.
  • Yes,in my opinion and the opinion of my daughters ex.
  • Yes. It sucked. I went back to buying from folks who know what they're doing. +5
  • I make a great pizza, but it's different from my favorite pizza place, good in it's own way, but it will never replace them unless I spend $10,000 to buy a high temperature steam-brick oven.
  • Yes and no, but it was cheaper
  • yes, i have made my own pizzas. The family thought it was better than delivery or store bought, and that is makes feel good.
  • loads of times - I have probably made more than I have had delivered or bought from a store. Much nicer, because you can have them exactly as you want them. Do you ever make homemade bread? Even in a breadmaker? Well, make a little extra dough and use that as a pizza base. And remember to get the oven as HOT as it will go!

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