• Oh, god! That didn't happen to you, did it?!
  • Yes, people in these circumstances don't want pity or to considered a nuisance, sounds bad but thats usually the case
  • No, but I know a girl who was diagnosed with cancer and told she had minimal time to live. She refused treatment yet couldn't bear to think of her husband being sad, alone and mourning the loss of her at some time in the near future. She decided to keep the diagnosis to herself, and set about to make him fall out of love with ~ He was hurt, angry, upset and going through all the motions of someone who could not understand why his world was falling apart and by the time the relationship broke down completely, he had lost all respect and love for her. She was devastated. He just never knew it. He eventually moved on and found happiness with his new life and all the people in it. ~ A year later she had a further set of tests which showed her to be completely free of the previously diagnosed cancer. Time went on but she never told him why she did what she did. ~ I saw her walking along the beach late one afternoon and we talked but she was changed and gone from who she used to be. I always wonder if she loved him too much or not enough.
  • I used to think i might do that if i was ever told that. But if your in that situation, you need the people you love and the people that love you more than ever.

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