• I am thinking it might be a bad starter or solinoid. Please give me any other advice or help. It is really appreciated. Thank you all.
  • possably' turn the key an check the selinod side if the starter with a test light'
  • Before doing anything else, clean the battery cable connections. Poor connection will allow enough voltage through to run lights, etc. but not the starter. It could very well be the starter relay (solenoid) or possibly even the ignition switch itself. Not likely a bad starter as you would generally experience some activity in the system as it tries to move.
  • I turned the key 3 times... nothing. The forth time... turned over and started. One week later I turned the key and to my suprise.. nothing. Two more times... nothing. The next try... it started. It has been fine since, but I want to nip this in the bud right away. Again, I appreciate all the advice and assistance.
  • The same thing happened on my son's truck. We learned there was a theft deterrent device in the steering wheel that had a bad connection all we had to do was clean it and put it back in and it worked just fine after that.

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