• That doesn't make sense, how can they be pregnant with 2 litters at the same time? They only have one uterus, so I'm going to go with no.
  • i'm sorry this was previously answered by a novice, but YES they can carry two litters. a rabbit's uterus is made of two horns, so it can carry two seperate uterus units.
  • Yes, it's true. A rabbit has two lobes/horns to her uterus and it's possible for a rabbit to be impregnated once and then let's say the buck is still around her and she cant' fight him off, he could breed with her and she can conceive in her other lobe. So she gives birth to the first litter and then in a few days or weeks later, she can give birth to the next litter. It's a horrible thing to happen, both for her and her kits. That's why you should NEVER leave a buck and a doe together. It's the reason that many inexperienced rabbit owners does have dead litters. The poor rabbit just can't handle it. When breeding rabbits, a doe should be brought to the buck for 5-10 minutes and then taken to her OWN cage.
  • Wow! That's amazing.

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