• I disagree with the nurse being a nurse;)
  • I don't agree. I think it is unprofessional for a nurse to inject her own religious beliefs on a patient or the patient's family.
  • Like gtravels said she shouldn't be a nurse. I fail to understand why someone with those beliefs would go into the medical profession. That is just WRONG!! +5
  • I disagree. A nurse's job is to carry out the doctor's orders, not to judge what "God's will" is or is not.
  • I have heard stories like this about nurses, pharmacists, and doctors. If these people are uncomfortable doing the job they are paid to do, they should get into a different line of work.
  • I disagree..their personal beliefs should have no place in their jobs :)
  • Were she the patient refusing medication, I'd have no issue with her whatsoever. But if she wants to force her beliefs on others, then she shouldn't be a nurse.
  • I disbelieve the situation.
    • singwell-is off researching a lot
      I agree. It is not going to happen.
  • Get her out of there.
  • Wow I'm going to assume that the medicine was morphine and the nurse was afraid of suppressing the pts respiratory drive. Her duty was to explain to the pt (or responsible party) what her concerns were and the options. if they still wanted the medicine then she should have given it.(assuming of course the proper Dr's orders were in place)
  • She can't make those calls as a nurse. Refusing legitimate wanted care could cost her her license and should.
  • Totally disagree. A nurse is to follow directions, not make moral decisions. God's will will get done with or without the nurse.
  • Get in touch with the doctor who prescribed the meds in the first place, and tell him/her what is going on. I doubt that nurse will be dealing with patients much longer after the hospital is made aware of her refusal.
  • Any intervention whatsoever might "interfere with God's will". It might also carry out God's will. Painkillers are no morally different from bandages, cleaning of wounds etc. That person should not be a nurse. I would suggest that the parable of the Good Samaritan requires that one err on the side of too much intervention rather than too little.
  • A nurse with this attitude is not a nurse. Her license needs be suspended and she needs to be fired.
  • I disagree with the nurse. God is fake, stop trying to make him real and do what's right.
  • Disagree- it's not at the nurse's discretion to decide if it is the will of God or not regarding another person's life. If it is the nurse's belief, then he/she must put aside his/her own beliefs and place the patient's beliefs first and foremost. What matters is how the patient feels about it and it the patient requests it, it should be given. If it is not given by the nurse when requested, then that nurse is not really showing true compassion on that patient(in context that it is warranted for the patient to have the pain med in the first place). Secondly, it is never in God's will for us to be in pain. Jesus said, "I have come to give you life, and life more abundantly." I don't think that pain qualifies for having life more abundantly, do you?
  • Disagree, she is imposng her beliefs on her patient. I would write a formal complaint and demand a new nurse to care for me.
  • It's not her job to decide God's will. It is her job to heal the sick. She should be fired for not doing her job, and for playing God's vehicle.
  • nurse wrong, fire their ass.
  • DISAGREE. Why the hell is she in the medical field?
  • Disagree. Her job is to follow orders of the doctor, and to make sure her patient is comfortable and healthy. My husband is a lawyer for a hospital, and I can tell you if a nurse did that, he/she would be either severely reprimanded or fired.
  • Disagree thats retarted let the person go out in peace not paine I saw a few guys in combat that were gonners and doc gave them something even though he knew they would die frome it
  • i disagree noone should be left in pain, due to somone elses beliefs.
  • disagree, she has to follow doctors orders and the requests of the family.
  • Disagree and she should be fired and lose her license.
  • I do not approve of this nurse's action. He/she is mixing the religious with the secular. Any medical intervention could be considered to be interfering with God's will and therefore a person who has this belief should not work in the medical field in any capacity.
  • I disagree. She shouldn't impose her beliefs on anyone or deny them medicine if that is what they want. It is their right. I'd complain in hopes that someone talks to her and gives her a warning. Firing her is a little harsh at this point unless she continues to impose her beliefs. God put Doctor's here for a reason to help us (most of them anyway) why is she working in the nursing field if she doesn't agree with doctor's giving their patients medicine? That's like a vegetarian working in a cattle slaughter house. Go figure!
  • Totally wrong of the nurse...whatever religion she is, she is applying her own standards on the patient...and they are NOT the standards of the Bible... (1 Thessalonians 4:9) However, concerning brotherly love, you do not need us to write to you, for you yourselves are taught by God to love one another. (1 John 4:8) Whoever does not love has not come to know God, because God is love. He does not insist on us having to bear PAIN WHEN PAIN RELIEF IS AVAILABLE.
  • She must be God's "ambassador" on Earth hence why God made her a nurse instead of a doctor. Tell her she's of the devil if allowing unnecessary suffering to a patient is OK with her conscious.
  • I believe nurses should assist the doctor in helping the patient. A nurse should do what she can to make the patient feel comfortable and give as much quality of life as possible This means helping the dr. successfully treat the patient if that is an option. This doesn't include injecting one's personal beliefs into the care.
  • I doubt this ever happened. In any case you've provided no link.
  • Honestly, if a nurse isn't going to give a person pain relief, there is no point in her being a nurse, how can any nurse see a person come in with their leg hanging off and not want to give that person pain relief, no such person would even make it into nursing, a nurse not wanting to offer pain relief is a contradiction to her job. Jesus healed the sick, and so should we, at least as much as we can to ease their pain especially a pain they can do nothing about.

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