• Not really. that was a different time and a different world as we know it now. I am an archie bunker fan, now, as much as i was back then. Edith and archie's flushing toilet. And, lets not forget about meathead. I loved it.
  • Never saw it.
  • Probably not - but I wish that people would stop taking themselves so seriously and learn to laugh themselves. If our society doesn't lighten up and stop choosing to be offended, we'll kill ourselves off!!
  • Family Guy! Which is actually in the beginning starts out just like All in the Family did! The Simpsons I love because it can be politically correct and not! If you have not watched them, you should watch! Oh and Scrubs too!
  • I agree completely. An Archie Bunker, George Jefferson or Fred Sanford would be very good for this country right about now. We need to wake up (again) to the fact that we are all different and we need to learn to not only live with our differences but enjoy them. Several of my coworkers and I still see the Archie or George or Fred S-a-n-f-o-r-d period in ourselves and a lot of other people. We laugh.
  • American Dad sure qualifies in this category. South Park as well. In the non-cartoon world, My Name Is Earl does come close. The way Earl just calls things and people by what they are, like his homosexual friend, his friend (Catalina) who speaks funny (Spanish accent), his black friend (Crabman), and so forth. I liked it when he called a girlfriend's paper mache` her wet paper art. He, and Archie, just called things by what their simplest names were. Archie had a Polock son-in-law, Earl has a homosexual friend. Very similiar, IMO.
  • All in the Family barely survived at first--CBS apparently wanted to cancel it after only a few episodes, then it finally caught on with the viewers. Wouldn't it be nice if the networks would be more patient and give new shows at leeast a full season before they yank them?
  • Yes but with the saturated tv market the way it is, the show has to be very funny and has to stand out. A huge example I thought of was the tv show: Heil Honey, I'm Home! (BBC produced in 1990) which was about Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun living in suburbia next door to a Jewish couple.
  • the only way that they could have a show like that today is if it was in a "reality" show format. and to that point, it would have to be a therapy type show, trying to correct the behavior.
  • It actually WAS politically correct; it was SATIRE. It purported to take the opposite view of the world, in the form of Archie Bunker, in order to take the ridiculousness of bigotry through to its logical end, thus exposing it (giving it enough rope to hang itself). People won't respond if you preach to them about how bad they are. But they can laugh at Archie Bunker, safe in the knowledge that at least they're not THAT bad, and actually learn some of the lessons Archie learns along the way.
  • No, a thousand times no. Not in this day and age. Lawsuits would abound.

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