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  • Man, that's a tough question. Honestly, I'd have to say probably not gonna happen, only because I'd still consider your kid to be part mine, and that would be pretty tough on me to know that my flesh and blood was out there somewhere being raised by two unrelated people.
  • Yes- Good Pioneer Stock here! Rugged and Hearty to the core. Yearly Visitation for the holidays please.
  • You can use it as an Elmer's glue replacement.
  • How would you like to extract it Sara?
  • Ok. I'll give. I'm not using it.
  • Hah! Great question. Well, that would depend on what you plan to do with it, and why you need it. Is it going to be used to somehow incriminate me, like plant it at a crime scene or something? No, you can't have it. Are you going to freeze it, and in the event that somehow my family name goes to the grave, then use it to bring us back? Absolutely yes. (Not that it would ever happen, there are hundreds of us, we are going nowhere). Are you creepy and just like collect sperm samples? Sure, why not? >8P Maybe I'll even send you a helmet to wear. Do you need it because you are afraid of, or dislike having sex with a man? This will be the same answer as the next. Lastly, and most likely, for whatever reason, you are going to use it for artificial insemination (I mix the batter and you bake it in the oven). There are many things to consider when it comes to donating your sperm. Many people would say yes, and not think twice of this. Others might be hesitant because of moral issues. I would say my main concern would be the fact that there is a child out there that I helped to create. I guess if it came down to it, I would not go and donate sperm to a bank. However, I would consider donating to someone I know personally, that I know would be a good, providing parent. Done.
  • The answer is- no. That would be THEE most arrogant kid in the world. But man, that would be one good lookin' kid with a great head of hair. Genetically blessed, but dumb as a box of rocks. LOL!
  • Depends on what you're going to do with it.
  • I actually have turned this down on two occasions and since you are a stranger... I will have to say three occasions now.
  • I understand it makes good sticking stuff is it better than locktite psTHOUGHT... would it be taken "eau natrelle"(sorry)
  • I would, but only because I love myself, and nothing else would amuse me more than knowing that a smaller version of me would be around. HAha, I'd be a cute little kid.
  • you know I would.
  •'d be disappointed. lol
  • Sure I would. I do however have a hard time performing in a cup.
  • Sure but I would do it through a lawyer as that you would not be able to hit me up for paternaty later in life. Not that I think you would do that but there are some loop holes women have used getting child support when sperm isn't donated through a person who isn't anonymous.
  • You'd have to compensate me first... :-)
  • Is this a trick question? ;) I dont' think I'd have a problem with it. Just think how much is wasted in your life during masturbations or safe sex.
  • I probably wouldn't donate it. But sell it perhaps. If I knew you I might donate it. I see no issue with it. I wouldn't consider the kid/s to be mine. I only gave my sperm, it would be your s/o and you who would raise them.
  • no but i would sell it too you
  • No, my teachers all begged me not to have kids.
  • no i would not
  • only if i could have sex with you then you could have sperm.

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