• Most people don't "choose." They simply adopt the form of their parents' religion. If none of the current crop of religions meets your needs, either turn atheist or do as I did: create your own. : D
  • People choose the religion that follows their morals and answers universal questions to their liking. But many people don't choose their religion, they are simply raised as a part of one and never change. If you can't find a religion that fits, then you could consider not being a part of one.
  • Most people grow up learning the religious practices and values of their families, and with the influence of the community and religious bodies they frequent. Often people don't ask the question of which religion is "best for them"; rather, they use the foundation they are given and have built upon. There is no reason why a person should choose a religion or belong to a religion. If there isn't one which meets all of your values but you believe in a god(s), you can certainly worship in a way that seems right to you and live in accordance with values that you can passionately embrace. Sometimes people feel a need for the fellowship and structure that comes from identifying with a particular religion, but it sounds like what is important to you is that you can establish a set of values and a lifestyle that satisfies your spirituality. Ultimately, you won't be satisfied with any hypocrisy that would develop if you joined a religion you weren't 100% sure about.
  • For me, I start off with the question "Is there a God?". If there is, then the next question is "has He revealed Himself/Herself/Itself?". Jesus claimed to be the ultimate revelation of God: He claimed to be God Himself in the flesh. I believed that is true thus I put my trust in Jesus and thus follow Him. (i.e I'm a Christian). So, to me, the question became "Is Jesus who He says He is, and did He do what He claimed to do?". If so, then He is the one to follow. If not, then He is a liar and we should move on. Just my take on it :)
  • No problem..if something makes sense and resonates with you, it attracts you to find out something more. If it doesn't, no doesn't need a religious affiliation in order to be kind, helpful, non-judgmental and optimistic. :)
  • In my opinion it is difficult to find one religion that coincidea with all that you believe or want to believe. You can look for a religion that is a close match and then work to effect change for those parts of the doctrine that you feel are flat out wrong. You also have the option of attending services and receiving spiritual guidance within a religion without formally embracing that religion until you feel completely at peace with that decision. Once you have a religion in mind that you feel comfortable participating in you will want to find a church that feels right to you as a place of spiritual enlightenment. Virtually every church, even within the same religion, has a distinctly different feel. I think it is very important to feel comfortable with the other members and the spiritual advisor of that congregation and to know that the teachings and doctrine will be contiually reviewed for determining the appropriateness of the teachings.
  • It depends on whether you are wanting God to entertain you (ie satisfy your needs) or whether you are searching for truth, and are prepared to modify yourself once you find it.
  • They could go to various churches, then make a decision. They can start their own religion, if they dont like what is out there.
    • mushroom
      L Ron Hubbard made a fortune that way.
  • islam is the best religion and one should act upon it.
  • We should not be pleasing ourselves as regards " God's " things... We should be only pleasing HIM. 1. Learn that ' GOD ' HAS A NAME..."GOD" is only his title... Exodus 6:3 Then he asked us...Mark listen to Jesus. Then Jesus asked us...Matthew 28: 19,20 How???...Acts 5:42... Anything else is from Satan's system...Babylon the great...soon to be eliminated...Revelation 18:2
  • Some people choose the religion of their parents; some investigate other religions to compare doctrines, beliefs. Some who express concerns about death, hell, crime, etc. seek to find adequate answers. Jesus said at Matthew 5:3 "Happy are those conscious of their spiritual need." Whatever religion provides the best most logical and truthful answers for those and other concerns would be the right religion to satisfy spiritual needs.
  • Religion may be helpful for some and harmful to others. Being without a religion may be fine for you if none of them speak to you and your needs. There are some that embrace the essence of all religions while not promoting any one of them like the Unitarians and unaffiliated interfaith churches. Perhaps that may be for you if you are driven to connect to a community that explores spirituality.

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