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  • I am not a big PDA kind of guy. I don't know too many over-35 huys that are.
  • I don't know about most people, but my husband and I do. It depends on where we are, and we don't lay all over each other drooling or anything.
  • Meh, The hubby and I got caught kissin in the garden center of Home Depot today. We usually kiss and hold hands everywhere we go.
  • As a gay person it is a bit more complicated. I like showing affection like holding hands and maybe leaning my head against him. Anything beyond that would most often be seen as offensive, depending on where you are in town. When I see a "straight" couple kissing in the streets and radiating happiness like a light-bulb I find that perfectly fine - as long as its decent and not overly sexual. The same should go for me and my partner. But the definition of PDA is different for every person. Some older generations may see a kiss and holding hands as too much, where as most younger generations would consider it perfectly normal. You have to simply make a right judgment, considering the environment around you. Being all over each other while the singles-club mourns at the table next to you may be considered a slap in the face.

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