• Nope: Do all, Love is never wrong, trust no one.
  • There are some people that do not deserve my love, however harsh that may sound.
  • It's hard to love ALL, but you should! It's even harder to trust, even if it is just a few! It's very hard to do no wrong, but we should try.
  • No, not at all. Love only those things that you truly value and love from your soul. Love all cheapens the concept of love as the highest emotion. Trust few leaves you twisted and concerned about everything and everyone. Trust those you trust. Do no wrong. No way, do some wrong. Right and wrong and what we consider to be right and wrong changes. To adhere strictly to what is considered good or evil today is itself an evil denying growth, evolution, and change. History is full of examples in which the good turned out to be bad and the bad turned out to be good.
  • I don't believe everyone deserves my love. And, knowing how much conflict and inner pain love can cause, it would be agony to truly love all. I think about how I feel when my brother, whom I love above myself, is in pain of some kind. When I imagine what my life would be like if I loved everyone the same way, I think that might be enough to make me contemplate suicide, given how the world is. I wouldn't commit suicide, but I would contemplate it, and I would certainly be incurably subjected to major depression. As far as trust, I think that we should really trust no one - especially not ourselves. Trust is too much of a burden to put on someone else anyway. The more people trust me, the more I feel constrained and oppressed, and I suspect that it makes others feel that way too, even if they don't realize it consciously. I only trust as much as I practically have to trust - in those situations where I couldn't even do anything even if my distrust was valid. As for doing no wrong... "wrong" is a relative term. I interpret it to mean that I should harm others and myself as little as possible, and that, I'm happy to say that I do follow. So a yes on that one.
  • I would say it is pretty difficult to love all but we can at least try to be fair with everyone. I think we have to trust more than just a few people for society to function smoothly so I would say we have to of necessity trust some even if they are not trustworthy. I would "be careful". Yes best to avoid doing wrong but since we are human we can only work to minimize the wrong we do.
  • Pro 14:15

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