• I've been with my boyfriend for six months, and I haven't met his parents and he hasn't met mine. We've met each other's siblings just not the parental units. We are both private people who don't like to involve our families in our personal lives. I know it will happen eventually but neither of us is in any hurry. We know our relationship is going to last, so whenever we get around to meeting each other's parents is just fine. I don't think it says anything about his interest in you. Six months is still pretty early in the relationship to be worrying about meeting his family. The two of you are still getting to know each other. The biggest sign that he's interested is that he takes an interest in YOU. Now, if this is a man who is very close to his family and spends a considerable amount of time with them then I might be a bit concerned that he hasn't introduced you yet. If it bothers you, ask him if you can meet them.
  • My ex did introduce me to his parents. But it meant simply nothing to him even though it was a big deal for me. I must have been about 23 at the time.There are many things he can do to show you that he is interested.But it really depend on the individual. For me all those signs were looking bad but I still kept seeing him. So be wise and dont think too much about being introduced.
  • Some guys casually have their friends and family meet the new girl all the time, so its not the biggest sign. As long as they know he is with someone and not on the market, that is all I would care about. Curious if you two are still together and what happened with the holidays?
  • I'm not going to focus so much on the "meeting the family" part of your question as the "hesitant" part. If a man is not ENTHUSIASTIC about being with me, I have no time for him. I have wasted years of my life on lukewarm men. If he is not proud and enthusiastic to be with you, introduce you to friends & family, spend time with you, include you in his life, you can find something better to do. If you aren't sure whether or not he is "interested" after 6 months, he's not. He is just stringing you along.
  • i would wonder what hes trying to hide

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