• Perhaps they see this as a sign of their devotion.
  • When you don't make a habit of wearing a third of the clothes in summer that you wear any other time of year, you hardly notice the difference.
  • Yep, it can get pretty hot in here : ) Please remember, there are various types of Hasidim, who wear varying degrees of Hasidic clothing. Some of us wear suits and hats- not the long black coat and fur hat (although we wear the long coat on the Sabbath). But, the coat (or jacket) comes off indoors (except for prayers), so even the most fanatic Hasid is not insulated 24/7. We do use such things as airconditioners, like everyone else, so that helps : )
  • It's like a uniform.
  • Many shed their coats and suit jackets in warm weather and just wear a white shirt and black pants.

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