• I would think that to go to war would require a vote of american people so by popular vote, americans would decide if they wanted to engage in war over in another country. Pros being that the majority of americans would decide to make that investment and not a few sitting in Washington that never send their own kids to war. Cons would be in attaining the popular vote. The constitution was written to allow an amendment by popular vote as it is written for the people and the people's voice rule the course. It would have been more impossible to do years ago but with the technology we have today, the people could vote and the majority rule.
  • I normally don;t ever comment on others people's answers, but that is the smartest thinhg I have heard all day (I hear a lot)
  • After reading the link above, I think a lot of people might agree that the best amendment would be repealing the 19th and taking the right to vote away from women. As a group they seem to be incapable of defending the security of a country, keeping it from socialist stagnation, or protecting it from aggressive immigration.
  • I would like to eliminate the Presidential Electoral College vote. We live in an age where we can count each person's vote and the college "voters" do not have to vote the will of the people. I also think the Presidential and Vice Presidential election should be separate. We have had some lame veeps because no Prez candidate will bring on a mate that will be better than he/she.
  • Term limits.
  • I would impose fines for not voting. Voting is the least that you owe your country, I cannot understand why citizen participation is not mandated in a Democratic republic.
  • There are a number of things that I would like to see enshrined in amendments. First of all, I would like to see term limits for the members of Congress. Too many of them are making a career out of it and I think that spending that much time in Washington, they lose touch with what it is really like for the rest of us. I think that I would like to see both houses limited to three terms with the option to run again after sitting out for one full term. Second, I would like the line item veto given to the President. This would make it a lot easier to strip the pork out a budget. It seems to me that there were others, but I can't think of them right now. ------- Addendum: I just remember the other amendment that I would like to see. I would eliminate the winner take all system that most states have for their electors. Instead, I would prefer the electors awarded for the House districts be chosen according to how their districts vote. As it is, in a state like California, those who live in rural areas are pretty much disenfranchised by Los Angeles and the Bay Area because those two areas tend to dominate the elections. If you take a look at the maps from the last election (, you can see how much of the country was not really represented by the election results. One of the main reasons for the electoral college was to insure that Presidential candidates could simply ignore the smaller states when campaigning. However, the winner take all system creates a different inequality. It makes it possible for Presidential candidates to simply focus on urban population center and ignore rural areas. By apportioning representation in the college according to how the Congressional districts vote it would prevent the urban areas from dominating a state's delegation.
  • Term limits. I would also like to see an amendment clarifying the 1st and 2nd Amendment. There are those who think the 1st does not create a wall separating church and state. I think an amendment clarifying that there is and should be a divider would be beneficial. Dealing with the second amendment, I would like a further amendment that declares the right to bear arms as an individual right once and for all, free from the grammar battles over the actual intent.
  • The "Put your money where your mouth is" Amendment. You want a war- you're the first on the front line. You want your church to run things? They're liable to pay their fair share of taxes, and they're liable to fund any mistakes made. Essentially- you wanna change things- you get to pay for it, personally.
  • Voting should be restricted to US property owners. You must actually own the property outright (unmortaged and lien-free). The property ownership must be more than a token – e.g. it must appraise at least 100% of per capita GDP (three years savings at the Japanese rate of 34% of GDP).
  • When a statute is declared/found unconstitutional, the Legislators who voted for it are permanently disqualified from holding office.
  • Prohibit corporations. All companies must be privately owned (proprietorship or partnership) and financed by their owners by loans or direct investment.
  • Everytime a new law is passed, an old one must be repealed
  • Corporations are not persons. They have no rights, only privledges. They are dissoved after 100 years. - Elections are publicly funded. Senators and members of congress have term limits. Lets say 20 years for a senator and 10 years for a representative.
  • I would like to see an amendment that decriminalized all vice-laws. Our prisons are filled with non-violent offenders that cost our country millions. These people need medical rehabilitation, not incarseration.
  • I'd like to see an amendment that focused on policing the corruption of politicians. Handshakes with corporations would lead to hefty fines on both sides, and immediate firings of lawmakers. No more corporate bedfellows! No more covering for fellow politicians! If they are also attornies, they are disbarred. +5
  • retrospectively, the united states isn't supposed to have a standing army. we quickly realized that we needed one. looking ahead, i think that we need an amendment assuring political fairness. all political campaigns ought to be fully financed by the government. standardized forms with "issues, proposed resolutions and theory behind it" ought to be available / provided to every voter weeks before the election along with means to translate for the deaf or foreign speaking or blind. allowing money and political influence to breed always results in corruption. i want honest politicians. all politicians and senior administrators must place their assets in blind trust before taking office. all of them must have total financial transparency. i'm conflicted about term limits. i want the people's representatives in the house of representatives to be limited to 2 cycles, 2 elections, or 4 years. i want the upper chamber, the united states senate, to have lots of HONEST, gray haired people who have been in the senate long enough to provide institutional memory when dealing with, say, a foreign dictator or a greedy CEO or bad ideas that didn't work last time they were tried on social issues.
  • A most needed amendment should be same-sex partner marriages should be allowed in all States. I am not gay but I do not see why some people should be regarded as 'less'.
  • 11.) Massive clarification: All US citizens have equal rights and responsibilities before the law. No public money can go to organizations who discriminate in hiring or providing services. 12.) No, really, we meant freedom of religion, including to have none at all. That's why we didn't say "freedom to choose a Christian denomination". Church and state are separate. The government must maintain neutrality towards religion to represent all citizens impartially. 13.) Massive clarification: All children born on US soil or with one or more parents who are US citizens at the time of their birth are US citizens. 14.) Term limits. No elected member of the United States government can serve more than 2 consecutive terms. 15.) All US Citizens, and those authorized to work in the US, have the right to equal compensation for equal work. 16.) The US President has the right to veto any line item of any Bill. The veto can be overridden by a two-thirds vote of Congress.
  • There should be no names on the ballot. Every vote should be a write-in. Because: If you don't know the name of the person you want to vote for, you shouldn't be voting.
  • I think the Constitution Admendment should be that the persons running for our country's most powerful position have to produce his original birth certificate and it be open for the public. Another admendment should be that the Congress and Senate serve 4 year terms with a max. of 2 terms. Another admendment should be that from the President all the way down the food chain in Wash. DC should have to pay into the S.S. and upon leaving the office they would not keep the lucrative pensions and benefits we have to pay for, for the rest of their lives and their surviving spouses.
  • I'm sorry, but there have been several term limit answers. We have elections, why do we need term limits? We have judges, why do we then need to tell them a prisoner may not be given less time than X or more time than Y? What is the purpose of having judges then? If lawmakers have already decided that X has already had two run ins with the law, then when X steals a few pairs of socks, he needs to go to jail for 25 years minimum. Aside from cruel and unusual punishment, we're going to spend $40,000 to $50,000 a year for a minimum of 25 years--not because you've ever done anything dangerous, but to make sure you don't steal another couple dollars worth in socks. I'm sorry, but we either trust people to vote or we don't. If we trust them, then we don't need term limits. We either trust judges to judge, or we don't. And right now we are trying so hard to be so careful, that we have strict term limits in some places and so things never get done because by the time elected officials finally get their way around, get to know people etc, their term is up. Lobbyists and assistants know the system better than elected officials in too many places. No wonder they don't get much done.
  • I would like a Constitutional Amendment that made election day a national holiday.
  • See comment.
  • Drugs should be legal.....Most people do something because they're told not to do it, so if someone asks you to do drugs you're probably gonna say yes. Also,their wouldn't be as much crimes because I bet more than half the people that murdered did it for drugs. And if someone OD you can't blame it on the store cause they(the person not store) are the ones that took the drugs, where as if someone was doing drugs and OD while it was illigal you could blame numerous people. I don't do drugs so I'm not just saying this for my benifit, I have actually been thinking about this for a while.
  • The constitution is a work of beauty without any additional amendments.

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