• Yes, it will be tossed out.
  • absolutely.
  • Yes. You got lucky.
  • I don't know if your court date will come before or after July 2008. Hey, did you know you are not even born yet?
  • That is one of the few errors on a ticket that will guarntee it gets thrown out. You just have to make the courts aware of the error in a timely manner.
  • No. your birthdate has nothing to do with your traffice violation. If your drivers license number is correct, everything else can be corrected in traffic court.
  • The only time when a error such as a typo would be thrown out of court is when the wrong location is written rule that is.
  • You might try this website. It's for California. There is probably one like it for your state. type "fighting your traffic ticket + your state" in your search box.
  • good luck I doubt it will work but you never know...
  • A tossup. When it comes to traffic matters and the info written on the ticket, courts tend to use the standard of whether a reasonable person would find that the info the cop writes accurately describes the conditions of the alleged incident. For instance, if the cop writes a speeding ticket and writes that the vehicle you were driving a bus when you were riding a motorcycle, this calls into question the care and accuracy of the officer. But if the cop writes that you were driving a green car when actually it was more like greenish-gray, this doesn't call into question the judgment, observations, etc of the officer. The last bit I have personal experience with, as parking tickets would describe my "silver" car as "grey." I don't normally side with the folks in blue, but the citation was indeed accurate. In your case, you've got a cop who seems to have just made a mistake when filling out the ticket. That itself is not "automatic" grounds for dismissal. However, if there is no other record of when the algd. violation happened, the court is looking at an incident the date of which is not even known. A good lawyer might be able to successfully argue that with no date, and a blatant sloppy error, the answers to 'who, what, when, where' this happened are ambiguous enough to warrant dismissal. Whether it is worth it depends on you.
  • They will get you for driving under aged.
  • This is probably already over, but I would not doubt that the mistake was corrected on the officer's copy and the copies that go to court, I've made mistakes like that before and never seen one of mine dropped because of it. Cops are people, too. We make mistakes from time to time, but our error in writing does not excuse your poor driving habits. I don't mean to sound harsh there, but it is the simple truth. I had a friend in college who got a DUI and tried to get it thrown out because of the date of violation being incorrect (it was after midnight and the officer wrote down the previous day's date), needless to say, it did not work.
  • This just happend to me as well, the citing officer wrote tomorrows date on the citation. The violation occurred at a "do not turn between these times" (4-6pm)intersection and it was about 4:35. Any chance of arguing that if the officer didnt know the correct date maybe she was wrong about the time also? If that defense fails I will try to prove that the sign was obstructed by foliage! thanks.

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