• Well... Honestly, they COULD affect his visitation. HOWEVER, if it's something his son wants to do, and he lives nearby, there should be NO REASON that he can't go to the functions or practices himself. On his weekends, the exchange could be made there. I'm SURE his son would LOVE for both of his parents to be there, even if they aren't together. If he lives in a different city (more than an hour away), or so, then not only will it cost for going to the functions, but going home, and there WILL be less time with his son. Same holds true if we're talking sports - Practices will eat into his time. Paying for them is another matter. I assume he's paying child support. He may be considering THAT his "sharing" of expenses. It MAY require family court, with your son testifying that it's HIS desire to participate in the extra-curricular activities, and the court deciding whether your son's desire outweighs the father's rights. They should also decide if he (the father) is REQUIRED to help pay for whatever needs paid. It would be much better, all round, if you could compromise on his visitation - maybe change it, giving him time he wouldn't NORMALLY have had, at least while the activities are being attended, and that he help as much as he can, again, assuming child support will cover the majority. (Child support is just that... for support of the child - to help buy food, clothes, activities, schooling, etc. I know that rent - a roof over his head - and other expenses are included, but...) Good luck. I hope something above will help. ;-)
  • He's just being a snot. Be upfront and tell him to behave himself.
  • maybe you should have him participate in some of them so he has time to see his dad and pay for them yourself if hes going to complain

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