• So people marry people for their ASSets? A future spouse should lay no claim to what assets one has accumulated........if so.......not worth marrying.
  • I think he should not shrink back and allow his ex to have what she does not deserve to have. It's not fair to him, nor to his children (if he has them) or his next mate. Is he a coward? Or just generous? If he's just generous, he could give it all to a charity. Does he think that by his being kind to his ex that she might want him back? She's probably not even thinking that direction...just that she got over him in a major way. Take what you've earned and is rightly yours. Just my opinion.
  • Maybe he just wants to be rid of her.It's not the best idea to marry someone for their assets anyway,so fairness to the next partner shouldn't matter.They were his things to do with as he wished.
  • Meh, whatever he wants to do. If he's willingly giving all that stuff to his wife, I wouldn't call it unfair to his next wife.
  • My husband left his wife because she was cheating. He wanted nothing. He got his cloths and a tv that's it. Now I see why he did it, he wanted nothing that reminded him of her and he started fresh. We dont have a lot of stuff just yet but, were happy. Plus it would be weird to have some other womans stuff and house. I wouldnt feel comfortable.
  • Hey Dave long time no talk....anyway I don't see how this is unfair to his next partner, unless of course she is a major gold digger in which case he shouldnt be with her anyway.
  • If this man just wants to be rid of the woman and not have her bitching and moaning over some crappy possessions, I give him a lot of credit for letting her keep all the shit. You cannot put a price tag on sanity and peace. His next partner? After escaping from the hell he endured, I think lining the next one up is the farthest thing on his mind.
  • I just walked away, he got most of the asset's
  • Stuff is stuff, if thats all the next partner is looking for...point them in the direction to the nearest mall.
  • I can understand wanting a clean break or even wanting his ex to have everything so she will be okay. And it doesn't matter to his next relationship as he should be enough for her. What business is it of hers?
  • Sometimes it's best to just walk away. When I divorced my husband I took what was mine and did not attempt to go through a battle over assets. I had myself removed from the deed on the house and let him keep it all. Easiest way to go about getting out.:)
  • George Strait, says pretty much how I feel about it. Give it away! She was stormin' through the house that day, An' I could tell she was leavin'. An' I thought: "Aw, she'll be back," Till she turned around an' pointed at the wall an said: "That picture from our honeymoon, "That night in Frisco Bay: "Just give it away." She said: "Give it away." "An' that big four-poster king-size bed, "Where so much love was made: "Just give it away." She said: "Just give it away." "Just give it away. "There ain't nothin' in this house worth fightin' over. "Oh, an' we're both tired of fightin' anyway, "So just give it away." So I tried to move on, But I found that each woman I held, Just reminded me of that day. Hmmm. When that front door swung wide open, She flung her diamond ring: Said: "Give it away." "Just give it away." An' I said: "Now, honey, don't you even want, "Your half of everything." She said: "Give it away." Just give it away. Just give it away. There ain't nothin' in this house worth fightin' over. Oh, an' we're both tired of fightin' anyway, So just give it away. So I'm still right here where she left me, Along with all the other things, She don't care about anymore. Mmmm. Like that picture from our honeymoon, That night in Frisco Bay: She said: "Give it away." Well, I can't give it away. An' that big four-poster king-size bed, Where all our love was made: She said: "Give it away." Well, I can't give it away. I've got a furnished house, a diamond ring, An' a lonely broken heart, Full of love, An' I can't even give it away.
  • when i got divorced i left my wife everything. i had it all replaced in a few years
  • If he wishes to ensure his ex partner is compensated to the best of his ability to compensate her and if that gives him a certain peace of mind, then it is no business of anyone else's, let alone his next partners. If the next partner wants possessions, they should go earn their own.
  • When my wife and I divorced, we did it amicably - we had kids. I did not fight the divorce, and we discussed custody, etc. (not child support) before we saw the lawyer. She left me the house we'd bought and the vehicle I drove, took the vehicle SHE drove, her own bills (student loan, and a few other small ones), her stuff and the kids and their stuff. COURT ordered the child support, and she never asked for it to be raised over the next few years until the kids were 18 and moved out, when she said I didn't need to pay any more. I helped THEM when I could. We had a loan that started as an overdraft protection, and we were to share that payment (the only one we had together after she refinanced/got a new vehicle and quit-claimed the house to me, which I then refinanced in MY name only. That little loan with BOTH our names on it is STILL there. She needed money and asked if she could use it a few times while the kids were there. Since I hadn't added anything to it, SHE took it over completely at a certain point, then used it with and without permission, basically keeping the amount high. Recently, we agreed, and I went in and fixed it so she can only pay it off... She can't use it any more. It's been over 10 years, and it should have been gone about five years after we divorced. THAT'S been the main bone of contention between us, and now it's going fine (I hope). She filed bankruptcy TWICE in that time, keeping THAT loan out of it, so I didn't get hit with it on my credit report. Payments are always on time (well, within the "grace period"), and I don't worry about it so much since she can't add to it any more. The whole reason for telling you all that is to point out that the man and wife MAY have had children together. Leaving her all the assets to dispose of as she saw fit, probably guaranteed that they would be taken care of and there would be no child support or alimony (depending on the state). And if his credit is good, he can rebuild his assets, and BOTH are happy. Fair to his next partner? Why not. His income hasn't changed has it? And what business of hers is this arrangement with his 1st wife, anyway?
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  • There is no one who has an interest in this except for him and her and any children involved. A romantic relationship is complex. He can and should do what he wants to do and what he thinks is ethically rigtht. He will have to live with it SOLELY. He is the only person trapped with this choice. He owes a future partner nothing. That is a preposterous suggestion. His future partner is theoretical, doesn't even exist yet. And when she comes along, she will either take him as he is or not take him because she decides his current assets are too low for her liking. She is not stuck. Who cares about her? I am a divorce lawyer. I generally represent men. I know that sometimes men make these decisions because they feel they owe something to their wives for something or things they did over many years. Why...should anyone care. Also if assets are significant, the likelihood is great that man will reconstruct his portfolio in his new relationship. The only time I would pause (though not really IS his choice...) is if he got custody of the children YET gave all the assets to his wife. However, that is still his choice. I have actually seen this happen MANY times. I live in a jurisdiction where men are highly unlikely to get custody of their children. It is VERY unconscionable, but the courts do it all the time: believe that women make better full-time parents. I have seen many a good man say that his children are worth more to him than all of his assets put together. I amazingly watched as their wives thought OTHERWISE: essentially selling their children for the gold! Oh yes...and there is always the point that MANY a family will spend all their assets on the fight over the assets. And in that scenario, the only person who wins is me! (The divorce lawyer.) This man is an exceedingly honorable man. There seems no reason that anyone would think differently.
  • A few years back (well, several years now) I did almost exactly what your man did. I feel I did the right thing, even though I took the car and NOTHING else, not even the money out the bank account! I do NOT feel sorry for what I did nor for the assets I left behind, which were considerable. My wife, the person I married after the divorce, still claims to regret my decision to take nothing. No, just joking.... she does not regret it, she is very, very happy.
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  • Good for him. He is not wrong for him and it has nothing to do with his next partner. When I divorced I took nothing except my son, a few pieces of furniture, our clothes and a few pots and pans..I had to buy a fridge, TV, vacuum cleaner, etcetera. That was my choice..for me that was the right choice. It doesn't concern the next partner, in fact, it is none of his/her business, is it? :)

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