• Quite possibley because we are so different from each other in a literal, physiological sense.
  • I don't think everyone is all that different for the most part though, we're just so stuck up with our own ways of thinking that we can't comprehend different approaches, which says much to debunk the statement that we're all so unique if you ask me.
    • TouchTheGoat
      "We're"? Not everyone is close-minded. Most people are true but :D to be unable to comprehend is different than needing to be right. Nothing is ever really right or wrong; even in the most extreme cases if someone believes something that you can't disprove then they are right... even if they think they can fly but only while they're fucking a chicken, and while nobody else is watching
    • IreneKot
      That's a nature of our mind and our existence - but it also depends on our environment, family, interests, and genetics of course. And I think that it's the best thing that can be done for people!
  • i think thinking depends on how we exersice our mind.its like a beautifull garden which have many varities of flowers,but weeds damage we should protect our mind from weeds(bad thoughts).hence different people have different ways of thinking.
  • I think it has a lot to do with how you have been raised. Ofcourse you have got your own personality, but your parents teach you about morals and values. That combined with your own experience in life gives a unique way of thinking. Ofcourse people do share a lot of the same feelings, but that is because there are not a lot of ways to express them. It's a universal language we all speak.
  • I don't really find people that different.
  • The human brains is a constantly developing thing. It then takes in information and intrerprets it. Now, male and female grains are wired differently and process information differently. This has been show through PET scans and other scans and test. Then, you have the subtle differences people have where various functions are in the brain and how well that area processes information. On top of this, you can add peoples judgement in how to handle a situation, based on past experiences. If you get burned by fire, you will tend to avoid it in the future. Until you get burned you might handle it carelessly. This is just one example of making a judgement toward determining an action. Then, you have cultural differences. Blacks in the south, for example, are discriminated against compared to blacks in California. That has an impact on how people react. So, that is why humans have such different and nique ways of thinking from one another.
  • Deuteronomy 30:19,20 uses these words "and you must choose life so that you may live, you and your descendants". This makes it clear that we each have the freedom to choose how we want to be. If we want to be peaceful, kind, loving and patient or if we don't want to have those qualities.
  • Because the majority of us are idiots. Also because we are all flooded with different influences from an early age on. Lastly brain chemistry; we inherit or learn 50 percent of who we are from our parents and get the rest from outside the family unit.
  • Because they have different and unique experiences.
  • Cos we have different brain compounds.

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