• I am a guy and i have no idea what a weave or extension is so if you came up to me along side your twin without eather of those things i couldn't tell the difference. I doubt any other guys could tell eather.
  • To be honest, knowing what extensions cost, I almost consider them to be a personality flaw. There is the type of girl who is great to look at and, yes, drool over, but whom you also suspect of being a vain, cold, moneydigging egomaniac up close.
  • I don't think guys are paying close attention to the hair. When the extensions are in right most people in general can't tell if it is weave, wig, or extensions.
  • Like guys would care
  • personally i prefer real hair, although using fake hair extensions ect. with bright colors is awesome :]
  • I like hair on girls down to their ankles. I've always felt that we should all have long hair, even guys, down to their asses. I'll never understand this need to have a thin layer of fur on top of the head. If you accomplish it with extensions I won't particularly care. Will they come out if you're banging some dude?
  • some might but i think its more important to like their personality
  • As long as they have hair, who cares?
  • guys don't care. as long as she has a "nice rack", a "bubblebutt" (their words), or pretty, she's a go!

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